Pretty and pricey

In case you have an extra $500…

Pretty pottery

Yeah, Im just looking!


Ooh, nice!

Are you like me, champagne taste with a beer pocketbook?


Yeah, I have to budget my extravagances!


I hear you, my friend. I hear you!


Oh my… that’s absolutely gorgeous! :heart_eyes: If only I had the extra cash lol


There are probably finer and more cultured words to use for the design, but for me it’s a cup made of holes and I love it as such and would happily accept it into my home :kissing_heart: :coffee: :wink: :sweat_smile:


@MeganB, that was my thought, too, and I’m not really an artsy decorative kind of guy. I can appreciate the craftmanship and the colors. Can’t afford it, though.

@CelestiaMoon, ha ha, what a wonderful juxtaposition! A cup full of holes, or a cupful of holes, or perhaps a whole cup full of holes!


Now that I think about it deeper (digging myself deeper into the hole am I :sweat_smile:) it’s a pretty clever response to Lao Tzu (a lover of tea I’m sure), and his argument of the usefulness of a cup coming from the empty space it contains, a.k.a. a hole. There’s still a hole in that cup, or is there? Or is there nothing but holes in that cup? Either way it’s not very useful as a container, but for the same price you could get several hundred less holey Grails and still not fill the hole in your heart.

(This message was brought to you by the Full Worm Moon, no mind-altering substances were involved even if it might look otherwise :joy:)


Ohhhhhhh beautiful tea cup! :heart_eyes: That’s a real work of art- I mean, it would have been amazing if it was woven with reeds or plants, but it’s pottery!? That’s next level craftsmanship right there.

You’d have to be a real fast drinker if you wanted to use it for tea time though :joy: (jk, jk- it’s a lovely decorative piece!)

I am living for these comments- you all are giving me quite the chuckle here this morning :joy::+1:


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