Preventing or stopping sabatage

Hi all, hope your well. I know I been looking and aking alot bout protection stuff. I have a question similar but a little different. I have had the growing feeling that something or some one is working against me and my efforts and even at times feels like I’m being sabotaged. Mostly this is within my work place. Or around that area of my life. I work hard, too hard anyone who knows me would say, but then you get some who don’t who would tell us we are not doing enough even though I’m literally running myself into the ground going way above n beyond my role. But lately I feel like despite everything I’m doing something or someone is working against me and interfering or undermining what I’m doing and it’s making life a living hell right now. I’m not sure if I need to do a cleanse or if there is a spell specific to this that might help but it’s only got worse than normal recently and I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not if it’s people themselves or spirits influencing the situation but today it got ridiculous n I’m not sure what’s going on. I am worried bout going to work cause I’m not sure what will get thrown at me next n though I carry lil protections with me at work n when I go out n even around the home. I just get the growing sense something is working against me or someone and I need it to stop but I’m not sure how. I don’t want to cause harm, like always even when ppl do bad things I just want it to stop, even now I can’t bring myself to wish harm on even those who have done the worst I am just glad what they were doing had ended. The same here, somethings working against me or someone n I just need it to stop. Is there something, maybe it’s not specifically a protection spell or may be it’s a specific one I need. I just don’t know. I’m not actually sure what to search for to know what I need to look for. In regards to spell I mean. Or would just a general protection spell be ok. Literally it’s got that bad I’m almost at a point that anything else n I’d hand in my notice and I’ve been there near my 10 years n it’s not always been s picnic but this I’m not sure it just feels like there is actualactually some thing working against me or sabotaging my efforts N I’m not sure what to do if there is anything I can do. I don’t think it’s the regular ghosts that have been in the workplace cause in nearly 10 years we get on n they let me know they are there but otherwise there’s never been ill will or harm. I can’t imagine they’d do something to push me to leave cause it’s been more sometimes they dont want me to go home. So I don’t think it’s them that’s causing this. If it’s a person or person influenced by some thing else again don’t want to cause harm just need the sabotage or hinderence to stop, if it’s a spirit or something of the like I’m not sure how to deal with that. Again don’t want to cause it harm but I’m not sure how to make the issues stop. Because I don’t know what’s causing it exactly or how to approach this I’m not sure what type of spell to look for or ritual or if it’s I don’t know. I’m wracking my brain on all the research I’ve done to if there is anything there. But I can’t put my finger on what I need. I’m not sure if that makes any sense. I thought I’d put the question out there n just see if maybe anyone has ideas, come accross something like this or had suggestions on what I could look at. Any thing would be appreciated.
Hope your all well. Stay safe n have a great week.


Without knowing if someone specific is directing ill-intention towards you, I can only recommend that you do cleanses and protection/wards. If you know it is a specific person, you could do something like a mirror box which would direct their energy back (which would only cause them the harm they intended to you) to them or a befuddlement spell to confuse them.

Before you attempt anything, you need to make sure you are able to ground yourself. From this post, you sound very stressed. You want to make sure you have a clear mind before doing any magic as a stray thought can change the spell and you end up with an outcome different than you intended. Every person has their own way of grounding and centering so you need to find what works best for you but I am able to do it with some simple breathing exercises and meditation.

Once you have grounded and centered yourself, I would then immediately shield yourself. As an empath, I use this quite frequently to protect myself from psychic vampires and other energy drainers (think negative nancies). My method of shielding is different than most as I have aphantasia, or the inability to see images in my mind. I rely on feeling the changes in energy around me. Feel free to adapt the below to your needs.

While I won’t give you the specific wording of my chants, here is my basic process:

  • I tell myself that I am creating a sphere of light around my whole body. As I am telling myself this, I feel this light that I am creating (it takes practice).
  • I tell myself that this light is like a mirror, it will repel any bad, negative, or unwanted aspects back to the sender while keeping my energy inside to keep me safe.
  • I tell myself that as I move, the sphere moves.
  • I then anchor my shield to something so I don’t have to maintain my focus through the day. I use my veils for this purpose but any piece of jewelry or specific crystal would also work.
  • I hold my veil that I will wear for the day and tell it that it serves as the anchor for this shield, so long as I wear my veil, the shield shall be activated.
  • I then sit for a few minutes with it in my hands while I feel the shield linking to the veil.
  • Once I know it is linked, I place it on.
  • At the end of the day, I remove it, shake it out three times (away from my altar), and smoke cleanse in a counter-clockwise direction removing negative/ unwanted energy it might have absorbed. I then thank it for its service as my anchor.

From there you can do a spiritual cleanse, house/work cleanse, wards, etc. There are some excellent books out there about protection and spells. Just remember to modify any spell you see online or in print to make it your own so that someone else cannot undo it. My favorite is Protection Spells: Clear Negative Energy, Banish Unhealthy Influences, and Embrace Your Power. I am also currently reading through Protection Spells of a Wicked Witch: Witchcraft for Protection from Negative Energy, Harmful Spirits, and Magical Attacks. There are also many more that are on my list to read. And I’m sure the rest of the coven has some great ideas as well.


Greetings @Phoenix_Fire,

Sorry to hear you’re having difficulties- it is no fun to feel like you are being pushed back, especially when you are working so hard. I can see that Amaris Bane gave you some really great advice above, and I agree that it is difficult to find a suitable spell for the situation when you are still unsure where or from whom the energy is coming from.

Usually, when someone feels that there is a person or force actively attacking them, I would suggest a Return to Sender Spell. These types of spells either reflect or send back negative energy/hexes/curses to whoever or wherever they are coming from. They are great because they both remove ill effects while also adding an element of protection :shield:

Here are two Return to Sender Spells you might consider:

Mirror Reverse Spell: Back to Sender

Return to Sender Spell: Easy Karmic Justice

I’ll also offer you a simple spell from my own personal spell collection that you can carry with you throughout the day:

A Simple Reflective Spell

  • Piece of reflective mica or mirror shard (with dulled edges for safety)

Hold the mica or mirror piece between both of your palms, squeezing it together.

Say: “Whatever evil comes my way, be it night or through the day, reflect it back- far, far away”

Carry the mica or mirror shard with you. Although perfectly fine to keep it in a pocket or purse, it is particularly effective when the reflective surface is able to catch light- consider wearing it on a necklace or charm bracelet.

Wishing you all the best, Danni! Good luck and blessed be! :pray::sparkles:


thanks everyone for your responses and advice. i have to say that today had been a night mare and it like things were getting worse. i think perhaps its some spirit or something influencing situations in my life as i am finding that its all going to hell in more than one are of my life which seems to indicate its not likely to be a person working from one area of my life that is working against me unless someone had hexed me or somthing to impact various areas, but im so new to this path i dont even know anyone outside of here that even knows my path and i cant think of anyone who might of… but if its a spirit thats causing trouble in various areas of my life. that might make sense im not sure why they might come after me but considering how bad things are getting its nice to know something i can try to try and stop things from getting worse. and maybe salvage some of the things that seem to be falling apart around me despite how hard i am working to keep things going ok. so again thanks for all the suggestions and advice and support, its soooo appreciated .


This is really simple if you don’t want to do harm to nobody.
I don’t wish you harm
I don’t wish you bad
Everything you send to me bad
I send it to you back
So mote it be!
Or amen!
Or give thanks to your Deity, if you worship to any or God, but another advice.
And is to change your state of mind, because while you keep on with the mentality that someone or something is doing things against you. You’re going to be hunt by it. In any job you’re going to have people that doesn’t like you, jealous people of you etc. Don’t put mind to them or the pressure, you’re the witch not them. And if there’s a witch, so what.


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