Problem With Reading Posts in Long Discussions

Umm… I’m having a strange issue. Above, I mentioned that nobody bit on your comic on the demonology thread. Then I got a mention and was able to see a couple of posts. I think my Silk browser is getting fried by the sheer bulk of posts over there. When I try to scroll, my screen freezes. Sometimes I have difficulty giving likes when I am mentioned in someone else’s post. It hasn’t happened on any of the other threads. Not sure what to do: I don’t want to interrupt the fun others are having, but I am also unable to get where I was taking notes, and I feel like I’m missing something. Any advice?


The other thread really is huge. I would do some work to organise it and split it off into smaller topics if I could, but that requires mod permissions. :thinking:

Do you remember around what post # you were up to when it started going haywire?


I was on 106 when I last had good access. Then the post counter vanished. I think y’all were about 700? Right before the quick explosion of like 50 posts in one day.

Thanks for the offer and the patience.


Nooooo! :sob:

I wonder if someone could give me post-splitting permissions for a weekend so I can go ham organising the place. :joy:

I doubt it. And it would just grow again. So, what’s plan B… :thinking: Does a link directly to #106 get you to that point and able to scroll?

Or does the whole thing kind of just die?


I had started taking notes on Beelzebub. It was after the counter died.

A link to that spot would allow me a variance of 2-3 posts in either direction, depending on the length of the posts. I’d hate to rely on you to get me anywhere, especially with you moving and the size of the thread. If we could get someone to split the thread by demon, I can wait. Still, that’s an awful lot to expect of our busy moderators. There is plenty more to keep me busy.

Thank you for the offer!

Maybe our mods could create a warning post for threads that get long enough? That’s all I was thinking of- get the posters a chance to organize.


Uh-oh! Like Starborn said, when a discussion gets particularly long, it can be tough to navigate between posts (especially on mobile and/or with a touchscreen, I’ve found!)

It’s a good idea, but when we split discussions the conversation also gets split- so going back and trying to reach each post becomes a game of jumping back and forth through all the wormholes. I imagine it’s kind of what time travel would feel like :person_cartwheeling: :laughing:

Another option would be to create a Table of Contents in the first post, with links to each of the key research posts (each demon). It’ll take a while, but it can be done! :muscle: :grin:


@starborn @georgia Don’t know what to suggest. Its not Loki (we’re innocent this time truthfully :rofl:). Maybe split it into Experiences and historical notes on demons and methods of contact and have a laugh, general discussion. Just my pennies worth :grin:


Being old school, I’ve made hand written notes on the demons and references, as it’s easier to go back over. @BryWisteria Index would be fabulous :sparkling_heart:


Only problem is that I can’t edit the original post anymore. After a certain amount of time passes, we lose permission to. :sweat_smile:

Can’t even make the next post of mine there a wiki post, which would nicely allow us all to maintain the table of contents.


I might be able to make the switch (if I have your permission to change it into a wiki!)


Oh, that would be great! If you could, please do. :pray: I’ll start working on the table of contents when I wake up then. :smile: :black_heart:


Thank you for your permission! :pray: I took a look and another route opened up- I decided to make a new discussion where the first post is the Table of Contents (and a wiki, editable by everyone with wiki-editing permissions).

That way there’s no risk of anyone accidentally deleting/editing your beautiful posts, Starborn- they are lovely!

The new home of the Demonolatry Club is here: The Demonolatry Club. All of the posts from the original were moved (although it make take some time to load- that was a lot of content that was rehomed!)

EDIT: The original discussion is still visible and has a link to the new thread- just in case anyone comes in that way, they’ll still be able to find everything!


Thank you! :black_heart:

But aww. My intro posts are gone. :smiling_face_with_tear:


@starborn Your intro posts are under [old] The Demonolatry club :grin:
[old] The Demonolatry Club - Please Read Content Warning


Your beautiful posts!!! Noooo!!! :scream:

Ah- it looks like Tracy is right, they are in there- both in the original post and also in the new thread, just further down! Curious as to why it did that :thinking: Are the other posts all in order?

I added a link to the intro posts at the top of the Table of Contents- it will be the first link anyone sees in the post. Apologies they got a bit shuffled! :pray:


Oh! :joy: Ah, crap. They’re not going to help anyone over there.

Maybe I’ll rename the old one to make it more explicitly about the varying depictions of demons and what we aim to do. :thinking:

I dunno. I’ll think more on it when I wake up. My brain gives up. :sleeping:


They are in the new thread! I have no idea why it relocated them down further in the discussion, but I’ve added the intro to the Table of Contents- it is first link available to click on :+1:

You are welcome to redecorate the original discussion if you’d like to! It’s closed at the moment (with a link to the new thread), but I’m happy to help you if you want to reclaim it. Let me know (tomorrow- get some sleep, my friend)! :blush:

Good night- sweet dreams! :heart:


Thank you, everyone! This has been a lot of work. I really appreciate it.:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

I know you are, dear! You guys are great!:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

That’s what I’m doing, too. A page for each lovely with your experiences, research, and space for more like family ties and originating culture to help me understand their stories a bit more.


I like the split idea. Perhaps, @BryWisteria, if you unclose the old one, I can link to the more serious posts from there as well, and then we continue the experiences and historical notes there, and keep the other one more general?


Absolutely- I’m on it! (the old post has been reopened)

I will leave the old discussion in your capable hands- feel free to organize it as you wish! :grinning: