Problems with Video Loading

I can not watch videos on the app using my iPhone. I noticed this problem Monday when I tried to follow the candle meditation. What should I do to fix my problem?


I have been having the same issue but thought it was just my phone. One of the @moderators should be able to look into it.


Ok I’ve just tried to play a video and it played fine, I’m on android :green_heart:


Must be a stupid iphone thing


Hmm… good question! I know there are some issues with the app that are currently being worked on (such as uploading images in the forum via the app). On Android, I also have an issue of a login loop where it thinks I’m logged out, then I login, and then it starts all over again :sweat_smile:

I was able to play a few of the videos, though. Here are some suggested troubleshooting options.

I noticed you said you have an iPhone (which I do not) so I had to look up the instructions for this. I hope it’s right :laughing:

Force close the app first ( and then clear the cache of the app (How To Clear App Cache on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide) – see if that helps.

I’ll also tag in @Francisco to see if he has an idea of what’s going on :blush:


Thank you! I will try those. Thankfully, I can access the videos on my laptop. My phone is just a bit more mobile.


I totally get it. I like to have my phone for the group rituals so I can sit away from my computer :laughing: let me know if it works!