Proper way to dispose of my Altar salt

I have a question of what or is there a proper way to dispose of my Altar salt. I use reverence and say a prayer for all my residue before I dispose of it. My salt I usually place outside in my back as the deer are always there and seem to enjoy. Please let me know and have a Blessed Day David


What I do with my salt. I mix it with the ash of herbs that I’ve used in my cauldron. Mix with a mortar and pestle, To make sure all the herbs are crushed down as small as possible. Then the mixture is mixed with hot water to dissolve everything, being mindful that you don’t want to add too much to make a black soup. Then I placed it into little watercolor paint tins and let it dry. Then I can take a paintbrush with just regular water or Moon water. I like to draw sigils on paper, windows and etc. For I believe salt will never lose its protection or purification qualities.


Thank you Theo for the tip appreciated David


Definitely don’t throw the salt in the ground because it will kill the plants. The best possible way to discard used salt is to throw it into moving water (ideally the ocean). If it’s not too much salt you can wash it down the sink or toilet.

If it’s a lot of salt, consider reusing it. Many people believe that salt is self-cleansing so it should be good to reuse after a while, or you could place it under the Moon to give it a new energy.


If you want to keep leaving it for the deer use a large terra-cotta plate used as a drain pan for the huge pots to pour the salt into to avoid killing plants. otherwise It depends on how it was used honestly Salt is self-cleansing for the most part though if you feel you need to cleanse it due to how you used it you can leave it under the full moon.

If it was used as part of a candle holder or ritual, Then boil water and dissolve everything allow to cool remove wax, and poor rest down the drain or such.

If used with herbs you can mix in a mortar and pestle grinding finely. I like to mix that with ground lump charcoal and ground and roasted eggshell to make a form of black salt to be used in outdoor ceremonies after charging 24 hours our doors the day and night of the full moon so it is kissed by the god and goddess.


I’m in agreement with everyone else here. I don’t tend to keep salt on my altar, but when I use salt in spells I either discard it as it’s energetically drained or keep it if it isn’t. When I discard my salt, I usually throw it out or mix it with some charcoal and incense ash to make black salt.


I agree with you, Megan. The only reason I would have salt on the altar is if I am making holy water.


Thank you and have a Blessed Day


Thank you very much and Have A Blessed Day David


I keep my salt amd ashes in a container and use it all when i make black salt


Ooooooooo how do u make that? Can u share your recipe with me? I have recipes I’ll be happy to share in return.


Hi honey, I share my recipes freely to anyone who asks.
The best source is from the ocean or sea. This water is considered pure and cleansed by the movement. Set your bottle of water out under the moon, full moon is best, over night= holy water. You can also used purified water, 1 glass, 1tsp kosher salt stir to mx and repeat moon blessing, as above.

I found this on Pinterest and no ownership was noted.
I don’t suppose you need the lavender, but it would smell nice.


Yeah i wouldnt be able to do the lavender. As im allergic. :grin::grin:

Thank u so much for the info. Ill get some ocean water the next time i hit the beach.

Is there any recipes i may offer u? I have many pain relieving oils, ceremonial oils, ritual oils, tea blends for all kinds of ailments


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