Protection/Cleansing Spell for “Sour” Energy

I wanted to share a spell I wrote for protection/cleansing for people’s “sour” energy that is being directed at you. If you don’t like pickles, I recommend using another salty food item.

Protection Spell Against Sour Energy

You will need:
A black candle (optional)
Salt (optional)
A jar of pickles (or any salty food)

  1. Light a black candle on your altar and sprinkle a circle of salt around the holder.

  2. Take a jar of pickles and place your hand on the lid.

  3. “Direct” the negative energy being sent to you (or the negative energy that has already affected you) towards the pickles. Pickles and pickle juice are full of salt (an excellent ingredient for protection and cleansing).

  4. Say three times:
    People are sending me the energy of their sour moods,
    Turn their directed energy into some zesty food.

  5. Eat one of the pickles, letting the salty and crunchy treat protect and cleanse you of any sour energy within and around you.


Fabulous spell. My I add it to my collection?


This is just amazing Kasandra! Thank youu so much for sharing! I am taking a screenshot of this, right away! :smiling_face: :two_hearts:


Oh- the full spell, this is awesome! :grinning: I have been loving this one since you first mentioned it, it’s such a creative method of cleansing :cucumber: :two_hearts: I feel very lucky to have a copy of the full process- thank you so much for sharing it, Kasandra! :raised_hands: :blush:


No problem! Feel free to add it to your collection of spells!


I love this so freakin’ much! :clap: The ingenuity behind this is just perfect - plus you get a tasty snack! :cucumber:


Thank you :heart: I like to ask if it isn’t specifically in the post. It might have been, just ignore anything redundant that I say. Concussion :laughing: :woman_facepalming:t3:


I’m glad that everybody likes this spell! I wasn’t exactly sure what everyone would think. At the time I wrote it, I was craving pickles and decided to write a spell around them. :laughing:


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