I have been dealing with a very strong curse for many years I need a spell(s) that will reverse or destroy this curse. I am very new to this and eager to deal with this first - as anything I may attempt in the future will be hindered or rendered useless by this witch/curse.

I am desperate to end this evil in my life. I may need the help of an experienced witch to bring power to any spell cast. Please, I really need help.



Here are a few links that should help you out.

I’ve used the uncrossing spell myself, it works pretty good!



Most powerful that I know. I’d use a black candle, with protective oils and crystals such amethyst, moonstone and/or vesuvianite. Use what you have.


Greetings @karryne,

I am so sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with a curse, especially one that has been in effect for years!

When it comes to breaking very complex and long-standing curses, information is your best defense- the more info you know about the curse the better:

Who cast it, and why? What type of spell did they use- how has it been affecting you? When/under what circumstances does the curse activate? Do you know what ingredients were used when the spell was cast?

The more you know about the original curse, the easier it will be to break it down and learn how to undo it :+1:

I can see that you’ve already got some great spell suggestions for breaking curses from Amethyst and Ron- I would definitely suggest taking a look at what they’ve offered here. And adding to the collection, I would also consider a Return to Sender Spell:


A Return to Sender Spell doesn’t break the curse, but rather sends it back to the caster- protecting yourself while also letting karma get at the one who cursed you in the first place :mirror:

Wishing you all the best, Karryne! I hope you are able to shatter or at least escape the influence of any curse you are under.

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you so much for the information. Since I decided to try becoming a witch - I sense she is ramping up her negative activities. I am committed to learn as much as I can so I can get rid of her forever. Your support is well appreciated.

Thank you!



You’re very welcome, Karryne- wishing you all the best! Good luck and blessed be :sparkles::heart:


Use the search and look up protection and or reversal. There spell’s to 'Return to sender" also.
Good luck


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