Protection for my family

Quick question. My children live far away from me. Yes…an empty nester here. They are constantly traveling around the country either for business or out of the county for vacation. Although I do not see them often; I worry about their safety.
I am aware that it is not wise to perform rituals on others without their knowing about it, however, if my children knew what I was up to; they would say I was crazy and I am taking this newfound path of enlightenment alone and that is how I wish for it to remain.
Is it ok to just set out intentions for a shield of protection around them without asking for their permission?


I will sometimes ask a family member if i may pray for them i don’t share details otherwise. If they are ok with that, then that is what i do. If you do something similar, you could ask for protection for them, or its equivalent or better, according to the free will of all, with harm towards none.


Hi @Lavendergirll

I never ask my kids for permission to do a protection spell to keep them safe. But, if I’m doing distance healing for one of them I will ask because it’s possible they may feel the energy.

My oldest daughter has problems with kidney stones. When I’m doing distant healing on her, she feels pain because I am moving the stone. My intention is for her to pass the stone without surgery.

As a mother, I have a connection to each of my children. I think all mothers do. This connection makes it easier to send protection and/or healing to them.

With much love :heart: always


Thank you :pray:. I just want to watch over them if only from a distance. I love this community :two_hearts:


Welcome @Lavendergirll!

Sometimes it can be tricky to find the middle ground between helping those we love and honoring whichever code of magickal ethics we choose to follow. You’ve already got some great advice here from Kathleen and Marsha- I would also suggest gifting them with a good luck charm.

Many cultures have their own version of good luck charms- think of lucky rabbits foot :rabbit2: , a horse shoe :magnet: , a four leaf clover :four_leaf_clover: , etc. Its one of those magickal things that often aren’t seen as being “magick” and are generally widely accepted and welcome in society. Perhaps purchase or craft a special item (jewelry, a little figure, a crystal- it could be anything!) and enchant or bless it.

Here are a few guides about how to do so:

You can be open and honest when gifting them with a “good luck charm for their travels” :sparkles: Perhaps they can tuck it into a suitcase, hang it on a car mirror, or keep in a purse or bag whenever they are on the road!

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Oh my goodness. These suggestions were exactly what I was looking for. :blush: thank you :pray:


I’m really happy if I could help, @Lavendergirll! Good luck and wishing you all the best with finding the perfect protective methods for your family :blush::heart:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


This is going to depend entirely on your ethical standpoint. In my opinion, I don’t see anything wrong with this. You’ve got good intentions – you want to protect your family! Sometimes I may ask permission before casting a spell or sending energy to someone but it really depends. I honestly don’t think something like protection is such a big deal.

I second this! If they decide to carry it then that’s their decision. But lucky charms are generally “more acceptable” for people that don’t practice any sort of magical system.


Thank you :pray:. After reading the posts I have decided to choose a crystal for each family member and place protection on each. My children live far from me and travel outside the country a lot. I worry very much and though they may not be aware how worried I get ….,it will at least give me peace of mind.


That is a beautiful gesture and a very thoughtful gift- may the crystals and your protective blessing watch over and protect your family! :pray::heart:

Blessed be, @Lavendergirll! :sparkles:


I think this is a perfect gesture :heart: May they provide the protection and peace of mind you need!


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