Protection spell for those in harm’s way tonight

Candle magick protection spell tonight for those in the world in danger or harm’s way. Red candle, bottom of candle hollowed out and stuffed with a blend of Rosemary, Basil, Sage, Cinnamon, Star Anise. Allspice, Garlic, and Ginger. Candle anointed with protection oil. Circle cast and focused intention into herbs, oil, and candle. Coffin nail stuck into the side of the candle to add power to spell by invoking the dead to add their protective powers.

Burn candle until gone. Close circle.

Blessed be.


Lovely spell, @Satu_TheGreenWitch. Thank you so much for sharing!


Thank you! I will be doing this for the people dealing with the whole Russia invades Ukraine. Also, for my kitty who is an outdoor/indoor cat. I just found her after a week of dread and worry, washed her up and she left again. Now I’m hearing that there’s two strays that were hit by a car yesterday and I don’t know if one of them were her. Thank you for sharing this spell, it helps!


Thank you for sharing your kindness and compassion with us and the world, Satu :pray:t3: :earth_asia: :heart: The world needs all the healing it can get right now.


A beautiful candle spell for the unfortunately hard times upon the world at the moment- thank you so much for sharing this, @Satu_TheGreenWitch :pray::heart:

Wishing protection and safety for all those in danger. So mote it be :candle:


This is beautiful, @Satu_TheGreenWitch Bless all whom are struggling and give them strength! And so it is.


Thank you for sharing this is a beautiful spell, definitely needed in this time