Protection water after casting a spell

Okay so I did a separation spell or a cord cutting spell, it didn’t go great considering I almost burned my house down haha, but the way it happened I interpreted it as “Since I cut him off then he’s getting super emotional and starts tearing everything down with him including himself” which makes sense because that person is a very passionate person that feels to the extreme whether that be love or anger. My question is, after I left to go with family for the weekend, I came back to my protection waters that I placed by my front door and on my alter have weird particles in it. The picture attached is the water that was on my alter? I keep these waters separate from anything so I have no idea how mold (or what looks like it) got in my protection water? Thoughts?

Ps. My protection waters are just waters mixed with salt, intentions of protection/warding, and was stirred clockwise for 24 hour protection 3 times


That’s normal and it’s common for water that has a function (like protection in this case) to absorb all kinds of nasty stuff that may be in the environment.

Usually when you see things like that it means that your water is working properly and that there was some sort of negativity around. If it was a cord cutting spell, then that’s a clear sign that there is something disintegrating or banishing there.

I would get rid of the water (flush it, don’t pour it on plants or grass), and make new water.