Proud mommy witch here

Many of you know that I’ve only been practicing for about 7 months now. And I’ve learned quite a bit and I get stronger everyday (thanks in part to many of you). I’ve also shared with you all that my husband decided not long ago to join me in practicing and I’ve started the process of helping him learn how to find out which path he is drawn to by sharing what I have learned and studying topics with him. Well today my beautiful little Scorpio daughter approached me and asked me if I could teach her to be a witch during a discussion about what to be for Halloween. She’s 12 and will turn 13 October 23. She is very mature for her age and extremely bright and kind hearted. So I told her we would start by making her B.o.S and I shared some interesting facts with her that I’ve already learned about samhain and lammas and I’ve currently got her watching the videos on spells8 that lead up to the self initiation though it’ll be sometime before she and I decide to let her do the ritual. But for now I am so proud to be raising a baby witch and I’m excited to see the path she takes as well as getting to start training the new baby from the beginning by making my daily rituals a part of the norm for it’s every day life. And given the fact that my husband, daughter and I are already practicing will make adapting to this way of life easier I think.


That is so great! Look into if your library has eBooks. You can find lots of great resources there that you can rent over the internet. You can also have her read up on the various mythologies so she can start thinking about what pantheon she’s interested in. I first became fasciated with the Greek Gods and Goddesses around her age and now work with them. Obviously it will be a while before she gets to that stage.

I’m so happy that you and your family will be able to experience this journey together, even if your paths turn out to be slightly different.

Blessed Be!


That is so wonderful to all be able to practice the Craft together as a family- you are very blessed indeed, @phoenix_dawn! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Wishing all three of you the best as you learn and grow your magick together. May it help to deepen and grow the bond of love between you! :heart:


Aww, that’s so sweet! You have a right to be proud!