Purifying the space

I want to share with everyone and also find out how you all do it. We all know that sometimes when we need to purify our altars and sacred spaces, we use smudging as a purification ritual. In my own rituals, I often use white sage or palo santo for purification because of their particularly effective properties. Sometimes I’ll mix in a little cedar or lavender, as the scent is like a little comfort to me!

Before purifying, I make sure to set my intention. Whether it’s to remove negative energy, to welcome new beginnings, or just to make the space feel fresher. After lighting the white sage, I’ll walk around the space clockwise, sometimes I’ll go around once or three times depending on how much cleaning the space needs, then I let it burn slowly until enough smoke is produced.

I like to use my hands to guide the smoke. I’ll cover the entire space with smoke, especially those corners where energy tends to accumulate. Sometimes I even waft it gently around my body, like giving myself an energy shower.

After the purification, I express gratitude to the Earth and Mother Nature and make sure to completely extinguish the white sage in a sand bowl. After purifying, I feel more relaxed and my thoughts are clearer. And I have to say, the whole room feels much fresher after the purification too!

But I know everyone’s experience is unique. I’m curious, how do you go about purifying your space? What are your favorite herbs to use for purification? Please share your story below, and let’s learn and grow together. Each purification is a process of transformation, not just of the space but also of ourselves. I look forward to hearing your stories of transformation, so we can create more positive energy together!

May love and light be with you


Oh my! :scream: I just smoke :dash: cleansed with cedar. We almost caught our house :house: on fire :fire:! Although we were careful an ember fell into a garbage can :wastebasket: that had sawdust and scrap wood :wood: in it and it caught on fire :fire:! It was close to our furnace and jugs of kerosene! I won’t be doing that again! :rofl: I think next time we’ll make a spray by boiling some sage or whatever else we choose! I’ve used incense for a lighter cleaning :blush:


I’ve only tried bundles of these once, but I had trouble keeping the thing smoking. :thinking: Do you have any suggestions on how to do this properly? I watched a video and the person in it seemed to have no trouble. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Because of my struggles, I’m currently just using stick incense. I really like it though – it reminds me of the smells at my maternal grandparents’ home. :smile:

Whatever I use, the smell will be a lot and my partner is sensitive to smells, so I have to be careful to not overwhelm them. I have to ensure that there’s fresh air blowing through pretty hard and that I’m working in rooms they aren’t currently in. So, for example, waiting until they’re asleep to do the room we sit in all day, and then doing the bedroom when they’re up. :sweat_smile:

That is like… The most perfect scenario for setting up a fire. :scream:

I think you could still use fire, just not go near such flammable areas! Unless your whole home is like that. Then you’re living in a literal tinderbox and might need to increase the overall safety of the place. :laughing:

Seriously, though. You never know what could spark and start a fire. :grimacing:


As I have cats and a fussy SO (who doesn’t like incense or similar burning scents), I only cleanse with palo santo when the time is right. Otherwise, I use salt, crystals, or blessed water. I will say that I don’t purify my space or home routinely. Whether that’s right or wrong, I should or it doesn’t matter, I don’t know but that’s where I am right now :slight_smile:


Which is why I don’t use it much. I adore fire :fire: but I also have a friend named Murphy who likes to make things interesting so I try to cut him off at the pass and not tempt fate too often :wink:


I use a lot of sound to cleanse myself and my space because I have a cat, 6 snakes, and a dog. Incense and burning herbs have to be done very selectively because of their sensitive noses and respiratory systems :joy: I have several little bells I like to use, I’ll clap, or even play some fun music!

Ahh!! :scream: I’m glad you’re safe, but sheesh!! That would scare the crap out of me :joy:


@Sivonnah You survived, so glad you ok :kissing_heart:. I’ve had so many near misses like you, nearly set myself on fire a few times (not always Loki’s fault either :grin:), so I use bells like @MeganB , sometimes incense sticks but I put my hand underneath it to catch any drops (probably not smart but at least no big fires will start). :green_heart:


Yep! Even when you’re careful!

The smoke bothered me a lot too so I think we’ll do a spray and/or sound next time