Putzing around on etsy

So wandering around my etsy app looking for treasures, I came across this little fella. Now I know nothing about voodoo, but I always heard it to be…negative, I guess would be the word. Now the creator of these says they are for positive intentions only and has a chart of different colors and their intentions. Does anyone have a suggestion on the best place to learn about it? I like this little bit and think it’s cute af, but don’t want to get mixed up in something that im6nit prepared for. Thanks! :revolving_hearts:


Good questions…I just posted this today. :grin:

Voodoo dolls apparently have nothing to do with real voodoo, Vodou.


Omigosh, coincidence? I think not! Very interesting video, thanks! :revolving_hearts:


I definitely recommend watching the video Ben linked because it gives important historical and cultural context.

However not all dolls/poppets are “voodoo”, they are usually a type of sympathetic magic. In other words the doll acts as the correspondence of a person, which could be you.

If it calls you, you should get it and see what you can do with it. But you can also try and make one yourself. Here are some ideas


I have one I made for protection. They’re not all bad like we think they are…just as the world sees us witches, we’re not all bad :muscle:


There’s a great video from HearthWitch on YouTube about dolls and magic if you’re interested.

Doll Magick

I haven’t watched it since it first came out but from what I remember the pins are like athames pointing at energy flows that need fixing. So if you want to fix your leg, you put pins in the leg. Et cetra. It was a great video.

Hope that helps.


Ooo, I love her videos, I will definitely check it out, thanks! :revolving_hearts:


You’re welcome!


The listing screams, “To ONLY be used with POSITIVE INTENTIONS & AFFIRMATIONS” and “*** My Poppet Dolls are not evil & ONLY to be used for POSITIVE INTENTIONS!! ***”

So I would think that there is no danger other than whatever your intentions might be. Worth while to learn more about it anyway, but it is safe enough to buy.


I saw that in her listing. I got hung up on voodoo and the only thing i knew about it (which is nothing really) except the negative connotation of it thanks to movies and TV i guess. It all comes down to intention when working with anything, I’m learning that! Thanks :revolving_hearts:


Everytime I think of voodoo my mind immediately goes to the James Bond movie Live and Let Die. It’s a silly association and it makes it easy to see how people could get the wrong idea. I don’t know anything more about it than you do!