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It’s never too young to start, but make sure your parents or guardians know and are okay with it, I would say. That is a bummer, I know, but if you’re going to be meditating or chanting or doing something, they may get curious. Better to be up front.

But it’s okay to change your mind too! You’re young, it’s a difficult time for you, so don’t make any concrete changes yet.


thank you .
and i have alredy told both my mum and dad, well nearly my whole family. thanks again.


You’re welcome! You can even have your parents watch the Self-Initiation course, that way they’ll know the type of things you’re getting up to and won’t worry so much, and they’ll have some facts in case anyone asks them questions.


You may want to consider looking into learning how to access your Akashic Records and possibly even use a pendulum to access your guides and/or your deceased loved one? A good site to look at concerning pendulum use is www.askyourpendulum.com and www.discoveringdowsing.com (nigel and maggie percy’s site, they have authored many books as well. If that isnt their site I apologize just google search their names). All the best to you on contacting your loved one and growing in your practice.


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I’ve been going through the self initiation course and I was going through the list of deities ( https://spells8.com/topic/first-devotional/ ) and I noticed there aren’t many gods associated with death. I know it says it isn’t a comprehensive list but I was wondering if there was a reason behind it?


Thanks for the observation @Torista. That page wasn’t updated in a while. I think one of the big ones that was missing was Hades (god of death and king of the underworld). I just added it to the page.

For a much more comprehensive list, I recommend you explore this page: List of Death Deities


Thank you :slight_smile:


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Have you thought about astral projection? I have a ton of info if you would like.


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