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Is it normal for a husband and wife to share an alter, or should be both have our own?

Hi Anthony! Great question! It depends on how similar are your practices. If you have compatible faiths or practices, sharing an altar is totally possible.

You should have a talk with your spouse and discuss what things you want to place on the shared altar, if you want to place your tools in the same place, or if you also want to have a separate space for personal items.

For example, you could have one bigger altar where you practice and cast spells together, and then two small ones by the sides of your bed or in a different place.

:couple: Casting spells together as a couple is a great idea and you will be surprised by the energy raised between the two of you.

Try it for a few weeks. See if it feels comfortable sharing the space or if problems appear. Write your feelings and impressions on your book of shadows or personal diary, and the talk about it. If it doesn’t work, you can always go back to using your own personal altar.

Good luck and blessings! :sparkles:

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Thank you Francisco, I will explore the possibilities with my wife :slight_smile:

Additionally, I was reading Thea Sabin’s book ‘wicca for beginners’ and when reading about the elements I had a thought. Even before I knew of Wicca, I’ve always felt a connection or a draw towards the Earth element. but my astrological sign falls under Air. Is it normal not to attune to your “birth” element. Is birth element even a term?

That’s a good point, I wondered the same thing for a long time until I had my natal chart done for the first time. When I looked deeper into Astrology, I realized that my “sign” (mine is Aquarius) is just one part of the bigger picture.

Aquarius is really my Sun sign: The sign where the sun was at the time of my birth. Astrologers say that the sun sign is responsible for our main traits and some of our deepest wishes in life.

But at the same time I was born, there were many other planetary influences happening too:

  • My Moon sign is Leo. This is similar to the sun sign, but instead of the
    position of the sun, we look at the moon’s position. For astrologers, this sign has to do with emotions and sensibility. More specifically, the way in which we express our feelings and is determined by the lunar sign or Moon sign.

  • Another big influence, according to astrology, is the Ascending sign, which is opposite to the Sun sign, and is related to the mask that we put on to face our social relationships. Mine is Capricorn.

I identify with some traits of each of those signs and their ruling elements. But there are other planets that can also count towards your whole being (such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, etc).

You can have traits that correspond to Earth because there are probably many Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) in other places of your natal chart besides your sun sign.

The best thing you can do is talk to an astrologer and have your natal chart done. If you want a free option, try this online Natal Chart calculator. It’s not great because it’s an automated reading. If you need a premium live astrology reading, click here.

Astrology can be really complicated, but it’s super interesting! I hope that helped you to learn a bit more!


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Hi,im new in the forum.I just started a love spell in waning moon .My intention was to banish problems in my couple .I had so many problems with my wife.So my question is will my love spell work ?I began the spell today to strengten my couple thank.

Hi Ake, and welcome to the Forum! :pray:

I agree that this Waning Moon is a good time to cast a banishing spell for the problems in your relationship! Use the rest of this week to focus on those problems.

Next monday there will be a New Moon so you can combine your spell with a renewed love spell such as this sweetening candle spell.

Meanwhile, ask for guidance, follow this guidance prayer or ask for wisdom and strength. Or follow this guided meditation to let your higher beings show you the best course of action. Be a good listener.

if you think there are lots of conflicts in your home, light a blue candle. A home blessing prayer and meditating while focused on the issues will help you a lot. Pray and be honest with yourself. Apologize to yourself and to your wife if necessary to clear any negative energies.

Depending on the nature of your problems, you can supplement your spellwork with other practices such as sex magic or money rituals.

Many times, your wife’s happiness will be more important than your own so stay strong and be blessed! :sparkles:

If you prefer to talk to a live love counselor right now, click here.

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Thank you a lot for your support.