Anyone know any good luck spells to help pass an exam?

How can someone cast a good luck spell to pass and exam. Because I don’t know how to do it. Pls I will be very happy if anyone can teach me


There’s a Sun Sigil to Pass a Test Spell on site. I’d do it on a Sunday if you can, that’s a day for Sucess and Victory. Hope that helps!


Awesome question, @dinlovetter! I’ve put this in its own topic so it can get the attention it deserves :+1:

The sun sigil Kasie shared is an awesome spell to help pass an exam. In addition to the sun sigil, you might also consider:

:shield: Before you go to take the test, you may want to consider casting Magic Armor over yourself.

:purple_circle: If you like crystals, I recommend bringing a piece of Amethyst with you (in a bag or maybe your pocket) to help bring good luck whie also boosting courage and creativity.

:four_leaf_clover: You can many more good luck spells by clicking the picture below- look through them, and know that is okay to adjust ingredients to suit what you have on hand. Remember that the most important element in any spellwork is your own personal intent!


I wish you the best of luck with your exam- blessed be! :heart:


This is a great question! I’ve used the sun sigil and it has helped! I’m happy I decided to do it. :slight_smile: Along with amethyst, you could also use these:
Fluorite, tigers eye, carnelian, opal, red jasper, turquoise, selenite, lolite and lapis lazuli has helped me pass many exams. You could use as little as one or all.
:four_leaf_clover:GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR TEST! :four_leaf_clover:


Thx u so much I check out the website and it is a lot of them wish one should I buy


I would say selenite because it clears your mind and it relatively cheap.