Sharing an altar with your partner?

Is it normal for a husband and wife to share an alter, or should be both have our own?


Hi Anthony! Great question! It depends on how similar are your practices. If you have compatible faiths or practices, sharing an altar is totally possible.

You should have a talk with your spouse and discuss what things you want to place on the shared altar, if you want to place your tools in the same place, or if you also want to have a separate space for personal items.

For example, you could have one bigger altar where you practice and cast spells together, and then two small ones by the sides of your bed or in a different place.

:couple: Casting spells together as a couple is a great idea and you will be surprised by the energy raised between the two of you.

Try it for a few weeks. See if it feels comfortable sharing the space or if problems appear. Write your feelings and impressions on your book of shadows or personal diary, and the talk about it. If it doesn’t work, you can always go back to using your own personal altar.

Good luck and blessings! :sparkles:


Anthony I am sharing my alter with my partner and for us just working great and I was just wondering Olivia is working for the two of you


I don’t know from a more advanced witch perspective, but all i can say that is a great way to bond over something you are both passionate about. I yearn for my partner to just at least be some what interested in my altar and craft let alone use it. Since you already share your souls and lives together why not an altar. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. I would only say if you have different deities you may want to separate your space for this purpose otherwise if you share the same deities then what is stopping you? Twice the magickal power i would say. Just remember some witches like me for instance have the urge to sage or 'cleanse my items if say for instance my partner wants to wear or use a crystal but from what i can tell since you are already sharing an altar and doesn’t seem like you guys see each other as being negative energy to the space then why change it :blush:


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