Quartz Formations: Activator Left Crystals 🔮

Activator Left Crystals

Other Names: Left Brain Crystals, Activator Left Crystals

Identification: These crystals can be identified by an extra facet,commonly found just below and to the left of
the crystal’s main face where the face meets the sides of the crystal. It has also been identified as a crystal where the entire termination of the
crystal leans to the left of the main face.

Properties: The energy in this formation spirals counter-clockwise from the base of the crystal toward its point. These crystals are extremely receptive and absorb and gather energy. They are effective tools for healing the self. Additionally, these crystalsstimulate the left side of your brain, enhancing logic, reason, analysis, and problem-solving skills.

Notes: If the extra facet is in the shape of a parallelogram, it is known as a Time Line Crystal. All Time Line Crystals are Activation Crystals, but not all Activation Crystals are Time Line Crystals (i.e. if the extra facet is NOT in the shape of a parallelogram it is NOT a Time Line Crystal

Here’s my Activation Left Crystal: