Quartz Formations: Isis Crystals 💎

Isis Crystals
Other Names: The Five Quartz Crystals, Goddess Crystals, Teacher Crystals (not to be confused with the Teacher formation), Ceridwen crystals.

Identification: These are those crystals in which one of the facets (faces) has five edges with the top two edges usually elongated (forming a tall point).

Properties: These crystals are a go-to stone for emotional healing of any kind (especially for issues relating back to lack of self love or for aiding with the grieving process). They can be used to reclaim your power when it’s been given away to another (consciously or not).

They help you to connect to the energy of the Divine Feminine and bring balance to the masculine and feminine energies in the body, mind and spirit. They embody the spirit of the Egyptian Goddess, Isis, bringing her wisdom and gentle, nurturing guidance to the earth plane where it can be utilized and integrated into your life, but they can also help connect you to any female Goddesses or Spirit Guides. These crystals are especially useful for people with an overdeveloped sense of ego as they encourage modesty and altruism. These crystals can also assist the study and understanding of the principles of sacred geometry.

Here is one of my Isis Crystals:


Wow! That’s beautiful.


Thank you love :revolving_hearts:


That’s amazing! It sounds like this type of quartz is the perfect go-to for anyone hoping to work with Isis, Cerridwen, or indeed- any Goddess! I’ll have to keep this one in mind for spellwork that focuses on strong feminine energy :womens: :sparkles:

Thanks so much for sharing, Christina! :heart:


It’s very feminine and powerful. I get lost looking into its shape kinda like scrying but not searching for anything! It’s a nice feeling though! Out of all of my quartz (that’s the crystal I have most) I only have one maybe two…I’d have to look.


It’s sounds like it’s a pretty rare type! Enjoy the ones you have- I’m sure they are a lovely part of your collection :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :gem: