Quartz Formations: Key Crystals 🔮

:old_key: Key Crystals :old_key:

Other Names: Portal Crystals, Growth Crater and Takeaway Crystals.

Identification: These crystals are identified by an indented marking (formed when another crystal grew into the stone and was then separated). These markings (or keys) are usually 6-sided (capturing the impression of the hexagonal crystal point that made the mark) and may be large or small, deep or shallow, depending on the amount of contact between the two crystals involved. The key formations are most commonly found on the sides of the crystal, but may also be found on the termination faces.

Properties: These crystals are useful for manifesting (as the keys act like centers for accumulating energy). They can also be used as portals to other dimensions or realms and are especially useful when in need of communication with higher beings (i e. Ascended Masters, Archangels, Totem Animals, Spirit Guides, etc.). They enhance meditation and self-exploration pertaining to lessons that need to be learned and integrated for personal growth. Additionally, Key Crystals help you reclaim positive aspects of yourself that have been lost or forgotten over time. These crystals act as “keys” to unlocking inner mysteries and understanding the nature of consciousness as well as revealing things that may currently be hidden from you.

Notes: Key Crystals are a type of Growth Interference Crystal. All Key Crystals are Growth Interface Crystals but not All Growth Interference Crystals are Key Crystals.

Here is my most clearest key crystal, there was another attached to it when I purchased it.

This is my favorite key because my finger fits perfectly in it!

See…Cant even tell there was a key :old_key::closed_lock_with_key: lol

And another one…

I have a double terminated quartz that has keys at each end:

The other end:

:old_key::gem: Do you have any keys?


Well that’s amazing! :star_struck: Key Crystals sound like a perfect companion for witches on the road or those with a traveler’s spirit. I love the sound of them!

Thanks for sharing, @Christina4! :gem::two_hearts:


Absolutely! The higher beings like spirit guides can protect you! I carry one with me whenever I walk somewhere.