Quartz Formations: Tabular Crystals 🔮

Tabular Crystals
Other Names: Tabby and chisel crystals.
If several Tabular crystals are linked together with a sheet formation, they’re known as a Tabby Chain Crystal or as a Tabular Chain Crystal. Clusters of Tabular’s are known as Tabular Composite or Tabby Composite Crystals.

Identification: These crystals are easily identified by their flat, wide shape. It’s commonly agreed that in order for a crystal to be considered a Tabular, it must be at least twice as wide as it is thick! (Sounds like me :rofl:)

Properties: These crystals can be used to promote communication. In addition, they’re frequently used to promote equilibrium and balance :balance_scale: (between two people, concepts, energy centers, body parts, etc.). These crystals stimulate creative ideas and make excellent companion stones for inventors, artists, and entrepreneurs. They also enhance positive group communication and cooperation.

Notes: Tabular crystals may also, but not always, be Faden crystals, Etched crystals, striated or parallel growth crystals (I’ll eventually get to these.)

Here are my Tabby’s:

And the side:

Heres a clearer Tabby:

And a baby Tabby: