Query about deity (Caffeina)

Does anyone have any advice or feedback on the roman goddess Caffeina. She is said to be the goddess of energy, stamina and determination.
The story of julianus ( who later became empoerer and tried to bring back paganism during his reign ) being led to the plant or tree that i assume was a coffee tree / plant by the goddess so that he could stay awake do prayers n worship to pagan deities when christianity was prominant and prosecution would be enacted on those found to be engaging in pagan worship. But the writer of the article / page i found had said they didnt know if Caffeina had been a goddess worshiped in antiquity or if was a found goddess in modeen times but they still found comfort anf connection to her regardless of this

So my question is what does it mean a found god/goddess? and has anyone heard of Caffeina? Could she of been known by another name in antiquity n caffeina been a name gicen later on? Any advice on working with Caffeina if anyone already works with her. I appreciate any advice.


Honestly, not gonna lie, that sounds madeup :sweat_smile: I’ll have to do some digging and see what I can come up with. It isn’t easy on my phone.


My thoughts exactly, down to the words.


I did some reading on found gods in the last book review I did for Practicing the Presence of the Goddess. Found gods are Gods who are basically made up. Not that she’s any less worth worshiping or anything but it’s, well, more modern.


So she doesnt exist then? Is that the general consensus then? I hadnt come accross deities not from ancient times so i wasnt sure how to approach this. . . Theres a legend attatch to her and linked to a real person but soundslike the deity part of the story n the deity herself from what your saying is made up and doesnt exist. Am i understanding right? That thats what ppl are saying. I dont ask that to argue by the way just to make sure im not misunderstanding whars being said. Im still pretty new to all this so thats why i asked to begin with as i wasnt sure about it n figured ppl on here would have more knowledge n understanding than me.


I don’t want to say that she doesn’t exist because it’s possible for new deities to be created, so to speak, in the form of egregores. I just got on a computer so I’m gonna do some digging and see if I can find out if she’s a historical Roman deity, one that has been created and conflated with Roman gods, or something similar.


Okay, so in doing some digging I found a few things.

First, Caffeina is most definitely not an ancient Roman Goddess. Coffee itself wasn’t a thing in Rome or even ancient Greece. Wikipedia tells us that “The history of coffee dates back to centuries old Oral tradition in modern day Ethiopia…” but evidence of its consumption has not been found prior to the 15th century. It wasn’t until after the 16th century that coffee was traded from Ethiopia to the Middle East, followed by the rest of Asia and then Europe. This makes it highly unlikely that a goddess inspired by coffee is ancient. Wikipedia

One of the earliest pieces of writing on Caffeina seems to come from between 2006 and 2007. It appears to be a sort of tongue-in-cheek piece of prose about the modern-day reliance on caffeine and coffee. Here’s a quick excerpt of the writing written by Terrence P. Ward.

It is by Caffeina alone
that I set my mind in motion.
By the Beans of Java,
my thoughts acquire speed.
The hands acquire the shakes,
the shakes become a warning.
It is by Caffeina alone
that I set my mind in motion…
– Attributed to Isaac Bonewits

Caffeina, Goddess of Untamed Energy, comes to many of us through her sacred plant, coffee. This Dark Mother is bountiful, but must be honored regularly lest our faith waver. She springs forth, daughter of Earth and Sun, ready to deliver her father’s touch to any who are willing to accept it…

The worship of Caffeina in Her cup spread more quickly into Europe and the Americas. Coffee was cultivated in more and more areas, and both its praise and condemnation managed to make the Goddess of Untamed Energy a more widely-honored divinity. In the 1990s her hold over the secular world was secured by a marketing program rolled out by Starbucks Coffee Company: stores would be decorated in colors that denote one of the four essentials to good coffee, Grow (earth), Roast (fire), Brew (water), or Aroma (air). Quietly Caffeina, in Her guise as the Starbucks Siren, had lifted Her worship to new levels in the United States and worldwide…

Like any Goddess or natural force, Caffeina must be treated with respect due Her station. One does not flippantly disregard Her power for long before one has a series of sleepless nights during which contemplation of such disrespect is likely. Sufferers of narcolepsy, clouded thoughts, and lethargy would do well to give Caffeina her due. Likewise, insomniacs, jittery people, and those who speak too quickly should not be so quick to condemn this Goddess, when understanding Her would more likely help them find the answers they seek. Witchvox via The Wayback Machine

Now, just because Caffeina seems to be what’s called a “Found Goddess” (as @Amethyst said) doesn’t make her any less worth honoring if that’s what you want to do. I would just heavily, heavily caution against saying she’s a Roman Goddess because that’s 100% historically inaccurate.

I would say Caffeina would be an egregore-turned-deity for some people. Here’s some info on egregores.

Egregore (also spelled egregor; from French égrégore, from Ancient Greek ἐγρήγορος, egrēgoros ‘wakeful’) is an occult concept representing a certain non-physical entity that arises from the collective thoughts of a distinct group of people. Wikipedia

What this basically means is that if enough people believe in something and put enough energy behind it, that energy becomes the thoughtform representative of the thing believed in. In this case, if enough people believe Caffeina to be a deity of energy, stamina, and focus, all relating back to coffee and caffeine, then she exists and has been created as a thoughtform.


Ok, thanks i think that makes sense. You did well to explain that and tgat was all info id not even found. The info id found was from a pagan or witch site about goddess worship. And the person julianus II who was mentioned in connection was real but wikipedia page on him says nothing about him falling asleep while trying to hide his pagan worship late at night to avoid percesecution or finding a flock of sheep acting stramgely cause theyd eaten from a coffee tree n thats how he found coffee and was able to use it yo stay awake so he could continue his pagan worship. So i was unsure about that. I figured maybe just maybe the deity who led him to the tree once went by a different name back then n caffeina was a more modern creation for a deity of a different name. But i wasnt sure. I wondered if maybe it was a story from another part of the world adapted to a roman context as romans may of adapted gods from elsewhere abd renamed to suit their culture but afain i wasnt sure. Maybe the origin of the story used or said to be connected to her was from somewhere else n someone knew julianus II stoty and figured he was someone that story may fit for it may be that the original deity may of gone by a different name n was from a differnt place. I really dont know. Or as you describe here it could just be a story created in more recent times, matbe someone wanted it connected to ancient times and wrote a story to match that. N from there sparked worship of a deity by that name. Im not sure now what to do with this information but its worth futher reflecting on. So thankyou for looking inti that. As i said you found info i hadnt and though i was going to ask about terms i didnt know what meant you had explained what they meant so thankyou for all of that. It really is appreciated​:hibiscus::rose::bouquet::cherry_blossom:


I’m glad that my explanations made sense :blush: if I remember right, the story of Julianus II may possibly be based on an older story that comes out of Ethiopia. I would have to look again but if that is the case, it does look like someone took liberty with the original story and put a European spin on it to equate a new deity with Rome. If you’re interested in that story, let me know and I can try and dig it up again.


Look at Mr. Aleister Crowley’s coffee prayer!


Yeah, I know Crowley has a coffee invocation but that’s also modern in the grand scheme of things, and he doesn’t reference Caffeina. But it’s a good example of modern imvocations to things that are important to us :blush:


Thank you for posting what I was having issues putting into words. Being sick sucks.