Question about spirit guides

Is it possible to have a spirit guide who can make you feel an overwhelming physical/metaphysical pressure from their presence? is this normal?


I’m not the one to ask about spirit guides, I know I have one but I haven’t figured out how to talk to them yet. Someone else surely will have an answer for you. How were you trying to contact them?


Greetings @MoonGoddess!

Others may have differing experiences, but I’ve found that how much you feel the presence of a higher power can wax and wane depending on the situation.

It’s a bit tricky to put the sensation in words, but for me personally- any higher powers I am working with are usually a very quiet almost hum in the back of my mind. It’s not something I’m consciously aware of 24/7, but it’s there when I look for it. When I meditate, focus, or call on them, that hum becomes louder until it enters the forefront of my mind.

As for feeling an overwhelming presence- did you feel this sensation while you were directly communicating with your spirit guide/a deity/other higher power? Is this a new spirit guide or presence you are connecting with, or one you have been bonded to for a long time?

If this is a new spirit guide- they may just be getting used to communicating with you just like you are getting used to working with them :blush:

If this is unusual for your spirit guide OR you weren’t actively working with them when it happened- my first instinct is that they were urgently trying to get into contact with you. There may be something (potentially dangerous or urgent) that they want you to become aware of.

I think the best thing you can do right now is to reach back out to the guide or presence to see if there is a message meant for you to receive :+1: I recommend being open to the unexpected- it may be your spirit guide, or it may be a deity or other higher power reaching out to you :handshake:

Another route you could take is to consult your divination tools- Tarot, Oracle, pendulum, etc. to find messages as well.

And, of course, if you have any suspicion that it wasn’t your spirit guide/a helpful presence and was a negative force instead, I highly recommend a good cleansing of both yourself and your spiritual space.

Good luck, Patricia- may it all go well for you! :pray::sparkles:


I know what you mean about the hum in the back of your mind. I have experienced that before also where I could feel energy in my third eye chakra along with my crown chakra.

Actually, as I mentioned on my post regarding Suzanne Giesemann, I had done an exercise in mediumship while being guided by one of her videos successfully two days ago. So yesterday I had dozed off for a few minutes when I suddenly became very lucid and realized I was seeing a spirit as a shimmering presence in my dream and ended up waking myself up as I somehow knew this was real even though I was dreaming. Since I’ve learned that spirits, guides, angels can use your dreams to communicate, once I was awake I decided to try the exercise I had learned the day before to see what this spirit wanted.

It was intense! I ended up being shown an image and given a name and I even heard her voice inside my head! The connection was soo strong! She told me she was one of my guides and we had a conversation for a few minutes before I needed to take a step back as it was a bit overwhelming. The whole experience was amazing though!

I felt her unmistakable energy earlier today also which was almost too much and I had to quit what I was doing and ask her to back off a bit. I can feel her around me still like she’s hanging out and the strength of her energy comes and goes. This is one reason I’m convinced to take Suzanne’s course myself. I want to be able to make sure that anything I’m doing is safe. I guess that’s why I was asking because I don’t want to end up messing with something I shouldn’t if that makes sense. I just don’t know what full on mediumship is supposed to feel like.
The experience yesterday really was amazing though plus I did end up getting my evidential confirmation tonight from my conversation with her yesterday since I first started this post which helped to alleviate my fears a bit.

Thank you for your responses!


I have a spirit guide. I communicate to her through candle divination. I began asking if I had one randomly and I noticed that my candle flame was to the right continuously with no fan, or windows open. Because it’s New York and freezing lol. Then I’d ask if it’s male/female. And trying to guess her name was fun but she likes to be called Candie. I just said that because I had some chocolate :chocolate_bar: :laughing: but that’s one way you can communicate with them.

I have a pressure in my third eye from her always being around me. I also constantly try to keep my vibration high and listen to music that heightens my intuition. Maybe the pressure comes from all of that. 🤷


What you felt is normal, spirit guides have the tendency to let you know of their energy gradually, understanding of us to not to be aware of their presence and energy at first. In your case you did a exercise to make that contact, kind in full. I don’t know of whom Suzanne Gizermann is, will take a look on her. On mediumship my take on books is from Allan Kardec. While is a old school author, is well recognized in the mediumship community; specially in the espiritistas path. Over here where I live, we call mediumship differently, because all of those that deals with spirits, specially of a dead person, we call it; “MUERTERO”. Spirit guides are our helpers, other type of spirits… well is a different story to say.


Thank you for your replies! And I will definitely look into those books, thank you.
I’d really like to be able to help people with this but I don’t want to end up getting myself into something not so good. I’m sure the more knowledge I can learn the better.


It sounds like you are forging a very strong bond with your spirit guide, @MoonGoddess- congrats to you! :blush: It seems like you have a strong and friendly guiding presence, may She continue to watch over and protect you.

Good luck with your continued mediumship studies- let us know how they go for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: