Question about using herbs in spells

So in a lot of my reading of spells and things I’ve noticed some spells require herbs. I haven’t noticed any (yet) that give amounts that should be used in spell/ritual work. I’ve tried searching on here and haven’t found anything yet that answers how much of stuff do you use in your working if an amount isn’t given. Like is it a pinch, a smidge, a heavy pinch, handful, dollop? :joy:

Any advice is greatly appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Yep its a pinch, a dash, a smidge, a handful. It is what ever feels right to you. And whatever will fit in the bottle, pouch, etc, that you are using :wink: It’s about intuition. Have fun with it.


Thank you so much! I thought it was the case but I wanted to make sure. I was looking for some kind of spell to help with protections from overwhelming energies because the empath blocking oil I made just isn’t doing the trick for this situation :joy: In laws are in town and as much as I love and respect them…whooo lol And I was just around them earlier this month and I was okay but I’m not sure if it’s like the Borg and the energies adapt or the oil lost it’s oomph or maybe its because they’ll be in the house for the next week (I just found this out today…husband is in the doghouse because he didn’t tell me :roll_eyes:) And I didn’t know if the spell I chose to use had herbs how much to use because if it’s anything to do with protection or blocking I’ll Kitty Foreman each ingredient :sweat_smile:

Thank you again, @Sarafeena_Sage :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Mia.1 hey hon. There’s really no exact unit of measure in my experience with herbs. Its kinda like when u ask grandma for a recipe, and u are told they dont have one.

Just like @Sarafeena_Sage said its all in what u decide. Just like any workings u have in the craft its all up to u.

As for me, depending on what im doing, i call upon my guides, ancestors, and deities for aid. And its like a voice in my head or even a feeling comes over me as to which herbs to use and how much.

But like with my teas if i havent asked for aid, i go by symptoms. As for my pay the piper spell i go to my banefuls and work from there.

Its all in your preference. Just find what works best for u. U will always be tweaking it as u learn and grow. And we never stop learning and growing.


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