Questions about Faerie Offerings🍄🦋

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I was hoping to get some insight on magical workings with The Fair Folk.
I have read a few books and done research, I am aware of their capricious nature and to always be cautious, polite, and respectful towards The Folk. I feel, however, that I need guidance from someone with more knowledge and experience in dealings with the Fae.

I want to leave offerings to show my respect and appreciation. I have tried once before by leaving honey, tea, rose petals, and shiny jewelry by a tree in my backyard, however I feel as if it wasn’t successful. Do the Sidhe live in big cities? Would this account for my failed attempt?
I have a cottage by a lake outside of the city, do you suppose I should try my luck there instead?
What offerings should I leave?

Any advice and insight would be very much appreciated :yellow_heart: Thank you all

Avery :tulip:


In my experience, the sídhe are all around us! It doesn’t matter if you’re in a big city or out in nature. I do not generally give offerings to The Good Neighbors, but I know that Morgan Daimler talks about offerings for the sídhe as well as Lora O’Brien. Here are some links for you to check out!

The Mad Diviner - Interview with Morgan Daimler


Wow thank you for all the resources! You are so kind :relaxed: :blue_heart: I am excited to check them out! Thanks again :yellow_heart:


I have this book on my kindle and I just love it!

I’m finding it most resourceful :black_heart: