Raw vegan recipes

Don’t know where to post this, but I’m curious if anybody has any idea on how to throw together some vegetables for raw vegan recipes. I started the diet a couple days ago and I’m struggling to find ways to throw together my vegetables in ways that work. I also bought a crap ton of herbs. I threw all my sage in the offering bowl in my altar but anything else is fair game. Thanks in advance


Hi Gray!

I love a good veggie stirfry with herbs- it’s one of my favorite (and healthiest!) summer meals :yum: That being said, a stirfry probably doesn’t count as raw (sorry).

I eat a lot of uncooked fruits, but veggies not so much, so I’m afraid I don’t have too many recipes aside from a good old-fashioned salad (topped with nuts and fruits- yummy! :green_salad: )

What veggies are you working with, Gray? Zucchini, pumpkin, tomatoes, etc? There might be some specific recipes out there depending on the veggies you’re using.

I’m sure others will have some good recipes and ideas for you too- happy cooking! :cook: :sparkles:


Most of my recipes need to be cooked, I’m afraid. I’ll try to keep an eye out for raw vegan recipes.


Hi @gray - I do raw vegan outside of salads a few times a year and it can be challenging, but I ran across this article in Women’s health recently and just pulled it back up to see if you could glean anything from it. I would love to see your creation — I like the granolas and breakfast bars, which is a really nice go to for raw vegan. I may try the banana split oatmeal in this article!
Love Jan


Thank you so much everybody. I’m working with lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, different herbs, beets, maybe sweet potatoes among some other things. I can’t remember everything at the moment right now. Any ideas would be great


I might have already seen this but I’m not sure. Thank you


You’ve got lots of tasty veggies! :plate_with_cutlery: :sparkles:

Have you ever tried lettuce wraps before? They are kind of like a burrito, but using a lettuce leaf as the blanket that holds everything inside. You can put anything you want in it- perhaps diced up veggies? Just another thought!

As just a friendly bit of advice, I would recommend either leaving out the raw mushrooms (along with raw garlic and raw onions) from a diet or eating them in very low moderation- even cooked mushrooms can do a number on your digestive track, especially if you’re not used to eating them. If you have a sensitive stomach (or IBS, IBD, GERD, or other digestive concerns) it’s probably better to avoid them entirely. Speaking from experience :sweat_smile: :mushroom:

Wishing you all the best, Gray- blessed be!


Oof, you’ve got my sympathy, @gray – I eat a mostly plant-based diet and that can already be a struggle without adding the extra layer of raw food to mix! I’ve looked into a raw vegan diet before, but I’ve never actually taken the plunge. There are a few people on YouTube that have raw vegan channels, websites, and recipes. I’ll link some for you!

And I know it goes without saying, but since I’m a vegan too, I just want to remind you (and anyone else) that if you’re not eating meat or fortified foods, you absolutely 100% need to be taking a B12 supplement.

Here’s why…

I hope you figure something out :heart:


Thank you for this. I’ll take a look at it when I’m not busy


You’re very welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs: