Reactions to natural based products (such as hemp seed oil based hand cream)

Ive recently tried a hand cream with hemp seed oil as main component. But i think ive haf a bad reaction. Ive looked up allergies to hemp seed oil and the plant in general and it looks like i may be allergic unless ive come accross another thing thats created similar symptoms. Has anyone else had experience with hemp seed oil based products before. ? Also with me expedition into herbalism n herb or nature based products im now nervous bout otber reactions n how to know if i might react to something i try or hoe to know if something i suggest to others might cause a reaction in them. I might steer away for now from recommending the hemp seed oil range for now but now im nervous for my health n others, natural products doesnt mean its safe for everyone but how do i know what may cause reactions in some ppl. I know i struggle to do self care formyself so having a reaction to something that was to push past that and do self care puts a wareness on self care for me, i dont want to be the cause of that in anyone else if they were to try a natural based products n had a reaction. I know me having allergies, hayfever n asthma may of made my reaction worse than most ppl might have plus food allergy and eczema. Even if the cream was only on hands not ingested. But now its got me worried, how could i recommend something that ive possibly reacted badly to, even if i add a caution to it. Howdo i know if other products may cause reactions in myself or others even if based on natural products such as plants seeds or oils from such. Now that i thibk of it… oats, barley, wheat and rye are all plants and im allergic to all those. How do i safely try natural remedies n recommend to others without risking reactions in myself or others. ? Id appreciate any feedback or advice anyone can give. Hope everyones doing well . :sunflower::blossom::rosette:


Hey there Phoenix_Fire :people_hugging: First, hugs to you because I know it can’t have been an easy thing to experience a reaction to something that you were hoping was going to help you out. :heart: I don’t have experience with having reactions to natural products but there are certain ingredients in other things that I have to stay away from because they irritate my skin. :unamused: See, I have eczema! I also have a very sensitive nose and sinus system, if you will. If anything is made with any sort of fragrance oil I tend to stay away from it. Essential oils are usually okay as long as the scent is mild and not floral. Floral scents always make me sick :laughing: and that’s unfortunate because there are some wonderful smelling flowers in the world! :hibiscus:

As for your questions, let me reassure you, as I’m sure you already know since you have allergies yourself – you are not responsible for the reactions and health of others in terms of their reactions to what you make. Now, of course that doesn’t mean put a bunch of bad stuff in your creations that could be irritating. I know you wouldn’t do that! :sweat_smile: What it does mean is that, just like yourself, people with allergies and skin irritations tend to check what we put on our skin and use before we do it. Most of us are very accustomed to doing a patch test on ourselves, usually on our wrist or the inside of our arm, before applying something to other parts of our body.

And you’re absolutely right – natural doesn’t mean better. Allergies still exist and that’s something that individuals just learn how to deal with. Would it be upsetting for me to hear that someone had a reaction to something I made for them? Absolutely! But even if they told me all of their known allergies or irritants, it is impossible to know if they have any other ones that even they don’t know about yet. I wouldn’t worry about it too much as long as you’re transparent about what you’re putting in your creations. :hibiscus: If someone asks you about the ingredients, be honest! That’s the easiest thing to do in situations like this. I’ve even asked people who made me salves and creams what’s in them, not so I can remake them (as many people often thing this when someone asks about their ingredients) but so I can make sure that it isn’t going to make me miserable for a few days if I use it.

I’m sure you’re going to do just fine! :sparkling_heart: Take a break and let yourself rest and think on your path forward some more. Oh, and remember – just because you have a reaction to something doesn’t mean someone else will, too.


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