Reborns, reborns, my reborns my art dolls

Just wanted to share my collection of art dolls with you guys all four of these little guys and girl lol are my personal collection.


I am constantly in awe of just how lifelike the dolls are- you really have talent for your work, Nikita! :clap:


Oh so cute! Reminds me of my kids when they were that small. Thanks for sharing love seeing other peoples interests and talents :blush:


Love the face expressions, they look so realistic it’s really impressive. Great job and skill, Nikita! Bravo! :clap: :clap:


The sculps are not my work i only painted and rooted them. The artist who sculpted these cuties kits out of clay before they were created into molds and sold to artists like me is bonnie brown she made the canvas I guess i just made the blank kit realistic with many light layers of paint and such.


I can’t say I know much about the process, but I do think that it takes talent at each step of the crafting process in order to get such an amazing creation- so a huge props to both you and the sculptor! :clap::blush:

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