Recharging crystals and rituals for Esbat

Hello all!

Now that the Lunar Eclipse has passed, is it ideal to the spells 8 Beaver Moon Esbat ritual tonight? I felt such intense, thick energy last night; it was hard to focus, so I didn’t even attempt.

Also, how about recharging crystals? I didn’t want to harness all that heavy intense energy into them from yesterday.

Thanks in advance and blessed be!


If you feel that the energy has died down a bit, then go with how you feel. The choice is always wait a couple more days, personally.


Greetings @AlwaysBackToOne! :blush:

You weren’t alone- I know several others have mentioned feeling some chaotic energy or not being able sleep due to the celestial events over the last few days.

The lunar eclipse has ended and as of today, I’m getting the current moon reading through Moongiant:

The moon is still 96% full tonight- everyone will have their own opinions about where to draw the line, but for me I think that’s still a perfectly acceptable percentage to work full moon magick if you feel called to do so! :full_moon_with_face:

With the eclipse over and the moon still relatively full, I would say you are in the clear to cast esbat rituals and/or recharge your crystals without having to worry about any potential influences from the eclipse energy.

However, like Christina said, when it comes to spellwork timing you should always listen to your instinct- it is the most powerful influencer over your spellwork and will often tell you if something else (aside from celestial influences) might affect your magick.

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:

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