Recipe For Making Star Dust

Star Dust

(AKA selenite powder)

Selenite is a powerful cleansing crystal that cleanses + charges other crystals and amplifies energies. It is also self-cleansing, it does not need to be cleared itself.


  • Raw selenite crystal
  • 2 zip-lock bags
  • Rock
  • Mortar & pestle (optional)


  • Selenite dissolves in water
  • Do not ingest dust
  • Be sure not to inhale the fine dust
  • Do not touch eyes directly after touching the fine powder
  • Do not use on face if you have sensitive skin
  • A little goes a long way you only need a pinch for most cases


  • Dissolve in water and use it to anoint yourself/objects
  • Put in spell oils
  • Add a pinch to bathwater
  • Mix a pinch in paint and pain walls or throw a pinch on wet paint
  • Use in spells for cleansing, protection, and truth
  • Sprinkle in garden to attract fairies
  • Put water in bowl and add a pinch to water and use for scrying
  1. Put raw selenite in a zip-lock bag and put that bag inside another zip-lock bag (because the sharp crystal can put a hole in the bag)
  2. Put it on the cement and crush it with a rock into a coarse powder
  3. To make the powder more fine grind it up in a mortar & pestle

Note: By crushing the selenite crystal you are not just destroying a beautiful crystal, you are transforming that crystal into something more useful and magical to you.


Thanks so much for sharing these two recipes! I have been getting right into using crystal sand in my spell jars since I just recently discovered that it was actually a thing. Now I can make own!


I am glad I can help (: