Recipe I tried this morning

So I woke up this morning feeling a little bit stuffy nose was stuffy throat was a bit itchy so I decided to make some tea i used

3tsp of raw honey
2tsp of cinnamon

It didn’t taste the best lol but it surely did clear up my stuffy nose and itchy throat I just wanted to sure this or if anyone has tried this recipe before or a similar recipe


I’ve never tried a recipe like this but hey, if it works then that’s amazing! :clap:


I love honey- I drink it in (almost) all my teas! :honey_pot: It’s anti-inflammatory and I’ve found that if you use local honey, it helps to prevent and treat the seasonal colds that come around.

Cinnamon is anti-viral and can help to give viruses the boot. It’s also warming and invigorating, which can help the body fight :muscle:

Basil isn’t one I drink very often- unless it’s in a pre-made tea blend, I don’t add it. But it’s anti-bacterial and magically very lucky, so I don’t see why it couldn’t be added to a health blend! :herb:

I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling better now, @tink! Keep on resting and staying hydrated- I hope you’ll be back to full health asap :blush:

Thank you for sharing your recipe! :heart:

Blessed be :sparkles:


@tink hey girl if it works thats wonderful!!! Glad u are feeling better. Thats an amazing combo


I’ve never thought to put basil in tea before, but if it made you feel better than it was a good choice. When I have a scratchy throat, I tend to make a turmeric and ginger tea with some fresh lemon juice and local honey. We always have those ingredients, so sometimes I’ll make a cup of black or green tea and add them. Other times I’ll just steep fresh slices of ginger in hot water. I never measure how much of anything though :face_with_peeking_eye:


@charlotte2 I Usually Just Do Ginger tea in add lemons in honey but I tried something different this I don’t measure either lol I just know how many drop of everything I add in the cup :joy:


@Mistress_Of_Herbs Heyy ! In Yess It Worked For Me It Was A Bit Nasty :rofl: But It Helped Tried Something New


@BryWisteria Thank you it’s the changing in the weather here in Texas the weather is crazy one day it’s cold one day it’s hot in I just tried something out the basil it taste a bit funny but it helped cleared up my stuffy nose that was. Plus for me


It sounds like it was a big help, which is awesome! :grinning: All in all, it’s a good recipe to hang on to for future use :tea::two_hearts:

Blessed be (and may you stay healthy)! :heart:


I think honey and basil and cinnamon are my favorite things in the world! I’ll have to try this remedy if the time comes. I don’t think I’ve done that combo :blush:

Sending healing thoughts your way. Hope your self-care does the trick