Recommendations on Burning Resin

So I’ve never tried resin incense, I’ve never been big on incense but I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff about sustainability sourced tree resin from the Carolinas (I can’t remember what its called). Is there anything really different than regular incense? Do you need something to keep it burning?


This is a great question Torista!

If I’m remembering correctly, resin requires a charcoal disc for burning. This also means you need a cauldron (or some other fireproof container) to hold the lit charcoal. Let me see if I can find a good video or something similar for you :blush:


I burn Resin, as @MeganB mentions above you burn them on charcoal disks, I have found it cheaper to buy these disk on amazon rather than at my local metaphysical shop. I personally like the resin burn better for whatever reason I feel like you get more scent and it feels more cleansing to me. I dont know if thats true or not but I do like them alot. I bought a resin burning container to burn them in but I too have used my cauldron. They do burn hot and quick.


Question @rachel21 With using the charcoal disc, does it have a strong smell? The disc, I mean. I have some Dragons Blood Resin, I’ve used it in spell jars (crushed then added in) and I’ve used it to seal jars and intentions. But I’m curious to try the charcoal.


@Rowan the disc does have a smell to me that’s not super pleasing. You will smell it because you actually light the disc then add the resin. Once your resin is added the smell is gone. I read a lot of stuff before I started using the resin and a lot of articles said that the disc doesn’t have a smell but I do think it does. It’s not terrible but it’s also not pleasing either.


I smell the charcoal too. It’s like regular charcoal but you’re not putting any food over it lol


Thank you so much.