Reconciliation spell; Bring back a lover

Hello! I am quite new here and have been doing lots of research. I am curious to know if anybody has tried this spell and what were the outcomes of it? any advice? consequences or suggestions? Thank you


Welcome to the forum, @beniceeeplease. Please see Need help to get ex back and Bring back ex boyfriend. I know how much losing a person you love can hurt, but trying to bring back an ex through spells is not advisable or acceptable to most witches. There are crystals, spells, and meditations you can do to help you through this time. I know they helped me this year and if you give them a chance, there are so many wonderful people on here to learn from.


In the nicest way possible (don’t read this passively aggressive I promise I just don’t know how to work it better) why would it be on the website if it is always recommended not to? @praecog29


Hiya @beniceeeplease! Welcome to the forum, it’s lovely to have you here!
Sorry to hear you’re going through a break-up. I absolutely understand how you’re feeling and why you’re turning to these particular spells. My aim is definitely not to put you off of them as I love Love Spells!

However, I think what @praecog29 was saying is that they can often be seen as manipulative - which is frowned upon/discouraged by many witches. The idea of forcing someone to love you isn’t great and if you think about it you probably don’t really want to be with someone you had to force to be with you.

The way I like to use love spells are as ways to boost love for myself, make myself more attractive to others, and even ask the Universe to give certain people a little nudge (when I aim for someone specific I like to add the caveat of ‘if this is something that they want too’ or ‘when that person is ready’)

I hope this helps a bit, and I look forward to hearing more from you soon! :heart:


Thank you. @Limeberry to be more specific about the situation. We have been on and off and both decided to seek therapy, since then our relationship was great we had moved in together. He was happier than ever. We both did some really regretful things, but still continued to speak and see eachother after the break up. My intentions with the spell would be to make him ready to be back with me, because he has clearly stated “you’re ready to try again, but I’m just not there yet” I know he loves me because he says it. My intentions aren’t bad with it at all, because we were both happy in the relationship despite sudden hardships on both ends. I guess my intentions with the spell are to make him stop being “stuck” and make him realize how beautiful life was together because since the break up we have both regressed in life with having to move back home and all


I’m no expert here so don’t take my word as gospel but I might suggest trying to find some clarity in the situation. Focus less on the ‘make him do’ stuff and more on the ‘understand why’ side of things.
Road opener too maybe to help clear some obstacles? get rid of residual negativity?
and then potentially a honey jar a little later down the line…
but gosh communicating throughout has to be key.
Patience my dear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: hope is not lost
Defo looking forward to the other ideas when they come flooding in in a few hours :joy:


@Limeberry could you possibly link me to the ones you stated please


@beniceeeplease, I hope you didn’t take my first response as belittling your request or waving away your pain. It’s clear @Limeberry did a much better job of communicating the ethical ideas related to spells like that.

August 29-30 was the second best weekend for me this year. My girlfriend wanted to start a family with me and we had an amazing, pure weekend spending quality time together and doing spell work together. September 1st she broke up with me out of the blue. She asked me back over to her house September 4th and it was another wonderful time where we played board games, listened to music, and danced in her kitchen. September 6th we were laughing and she invited me over for the 7th. On the 7th she sent me one message saying I needed to come get my stuff and blocked me. Suffice to say, that back and forth threw me for a loop.

Your story sounds completely different but I wanted you to understand I know pain in relationships and I have felt it this year in major ways. I caution others to avoid spells trying to bring ex’s back because it is frowned upon by many and it can backfire in terrible ways.

Limeberry is correct that clarity spells, spells to unblock obstacles, and romance spells for you and your ex may be good. As long as your intentions are pure and these are things they want, you would be okay. There will be many other responses tonight to consider because this is an extremely open and welcoming group. I hope you find peace.


So for clarity give these a try:

Road opener:

Remove negative energies:

Honey jar:

or my little sugar jar :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Our situations aren’t quite far off. September 7 is the day we broke up because I dug through his phone and found several things I did not want to see. The weekend of September 5-7 we were moving into our new apartment and we’re moved in by the end of the week. May I ask in what ways are the consequences reflected?


@Limeberry can I ask how the sugar jar is safer than the reconciliation spell?


I’m thinking along the lines of the sugar jar being a mood sweetener/attraction spell as opposed to the reconciliation being more of a binding ‘bring us together’ kinda spell but of course it’s totally about how you cast the spells and your intentions behind them :joy:


Welcome and sorry that you’re experiencing heartache! I suppose you have more help than I could’ve given. But may you find clarity and find true love!


A very warm welcome to you, @beniceeeplease! :blush:

Sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough time with your romance lately. Love has a lot of ups and downs and I hope that you find some peace in your love life soon! :pray:

Praecog29 and Limeberry have both offered some great advice and shared some helpful links- I hope you were able to find some guidance and figure out your path forward. Love spells are tricky- they can be considered a grey area of magic. Love spells can be used for great and wonderful purposes or can become dangerous and ethically compromising. Magic, like any tool, is directed by the will and hands of the user

Like Limeberry mentioned, many witches choose to pursue love spells to increase self-love or to attract new love into their lives. Since there are many ways to use each of these spells and rituals, Spells8 has a collection of Love Spells available for use.


I would also recommend checking out the Safety Tips for Spellcasting that goes a bit into ethics and mentions how spells aren’t inherently bad or good, it all boils down to your intention and will. At the end of the day, your magic is entirely your own- you can decide how to put your talents to use!

Hopefully you’ve got everything you need to take a deep look at your situation and find the best spell for what you need. Sending you lots of support and good wishes as you move forward- Blessed be! :sparkling_heart: