Relationship and Intuition advice or spells? Please help!

I would like to start off by saying in the terms of many i fall into the category of a ‘Baby Witch’, having actively participating in the craft for little under a year now. I am VERY much drawn to intuition and after many months of working on tarot and runes have become accustomed to that ‘little voice’ telling me life situations of friends, pregnancies, disagreements and new job ventures etc.

I also have these little strange almost ‘movies’ or ‘short films’ play out in my head… like recalling a memory? Which then lead on to being a event that happens later that day or has already happened to someone else without them telling me?!

Right so enough background lets get to the point of it… Me and my husband have been together for almost nine years and are generally happy apart from the odd disagreement or argument. BUT… Lately this little gift (because i do very much appreciate it) of having these little visions or movies play out in my head have been showing infidelity… That feeling of knowing hes lying about something etc showing no concern of my feelings or anything I can literally cry in the same room as him and it goes unnoticed!

I promise that this is not just a rant of my souring marriage…but a cry for help from my fellow witches and warlocks… I have a gift but i need help and advice on how to strengthen this to find answers? or a spell to reveal the truth? Something is not right and i need some help and guidance. Because I am so new to this I have not connected with Deity’s or even had any guides connect with me, so I feel unsure who to call on? I just have these damn movies in my head showing me things that have no real answers, just the fact that there is love or feelings for someone else.

Please help! Many thanks in advance you lovely people! x

(p.s) I also did think that maybe my energy is off or i’m just in my own head and my intuition is completely off… until i had a intuition that my one year old daughter would get into my tarot somehow (its on a high shelf) while making myself a coffee earlier today and have just walked into my lounge after washing up to her sat on my rug with the whole box spread around her?! :rofl: how the hell she got them i don’t know lol :rofl:


Do some private investigative work, there is a lot of material on the internet on how to hone in if he’s cheating, do an internet search, then if needed, next step maybe even hire someone? Also, these movies and intuition, could necessarily not be him, but something you’re picking up from someone else, maybe you’re husband hanging out with players and cheaters. The mind behaves like a radio receiver, picks stuff up even from next door neighbors sometimes.


Thank you for your advice, and the things you have said about people maybe being influential to him makes a LOT of sense! :slight_smile:


Have you tried talking to him about these concerns? Open communication is always my first piece of advice.


Greetings @aimee3!

It sounds like you have a very strong intuition indeed :muscle: If you feel this voice in your head is warning you about something, I would definitely follow up on it.

My go-to suggestion for things like this is to consult divination methods. If you have a strong connection with your tarot cards, here’s a 3-Card Love Spread that can help you gain insights about your current relationship with your husband.

I also agree with @MeganB’s advice- your intuition is telling you that something is off, so now could be a good time to bring it up with your husband. Perhaps your intuition is trying to warn you about something else, and oftentimes direct communication can help you get to the source asap.

Communication can be magically enhanced with things like Kitchen Magick using Fennel or working with Gemini- such as the Gemini Moon Meditation.

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


Hi @aimee3, as a male, I agree with @MeganB and @TheTravelWitch. I don’t question the power of your intuition. It has told you something is off, it did its job, now you need to decide what to do about it. That’s mundane, not magic. Communicating with him that “something feels off between us” might be a start. Be deliberate about it. Don’t try to be breezy about it during Monday Night Football.

Select the time and place so that it is most likely to get the results you want. Do not do it in the car. That will feel like a trap. Be sure to invite him to talk and be open to hearing what he saying what he says without criticism or defensiveness. Rather than having it out and expecting an instant solution, a series of brief conversations will likely be more effective.

Okay, that’s enough of me trying to run your life, lol


According to my suggestion, you need to cast spells for removal of negativity and clear communication spell.