Releasing Grief

from Healing Magic, A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living
by Robin Rose Bennett

Releasing Grief

Go outside to a place where you have total privacy, or at least a reasonable amount, if total privacy is unavailable or uncomfortable to you. Dig a small hole in the earth. Ask Mother Earth to help you as you release your grief ( the grief can be over a specific thing or a general feeling that is weighing you down). Cry over and into the hole in the Earth for as long as you need to. Feel Her receive your tears without judgement.

Know the Earth can receive anything, (feeling, energy,illness) that you are ready and willing to let go of without harm to Her. She uses what you release as compost. Honor your feelings and ask Her to help you transform them into creative energy that you can use to share your unique gifts. Fill the hole back up. Cover the opening with the soil and rocks that you removed and tap them back down with a gentle, Loving touch. You may wish to leave an offering of your own on top, such as a crystal or a flower, some seeds, or a piece of fruit.

When I read this I thought of @Cosmic_Curiosity but hope it may help any in need

The book is linked above and is a wonderful read
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@Shadeweaver This is so thoughtful and beautiful. Bless. :sparkling_heart:


This is a beautiful ritual @Shadeweaver crying your hurt and pain into Mother Earth and allowing her to reuse your emotion as compost what a wonderful way to connect with nature and yourself. Thank you for sharing :blush::sparkles::butterfly:


Thank you so much for sharing this with us and for considering me in your thoughts. It is such a beuatiful ritual and one that really connects with me as Earth is my dominant element. It is something i will certainly aim to do. I am at the “numb” stage jist now where I feel all cried out but i know it will hit me again with a bang. When it does, this is definitiely something i will be doing.

Blessed be



How kind and thoughtful, @Shadeweaver :heart: This is what the coven is all about!


This is such a beautiful and healing way to process grief. I hope I won’t need this anytime soon, but it’s something I am going to tuck away in my mind and heart to bring out during a dark day.

Thank you so much for sharing @Shadeweaver :pray: :heart: :candle: