Reluctant to even bring up

Greetings, all, and Merry Meet! This is something I’ve been struggling with for a very long time, but I never bring it up because it just sounds so “teen craft movie.” :yum: Every time I try a spell, affirmation, anything that results in some kind of outcome, I get the exact opposite of what I’m working for. I’ve done multiple level clearings, smudging, positive meditations, everything that SHOULD stop or counteract the negativity(?), all to no avail. In fact, there have even been times when the clearings resulted in the opposite desire. Even to me, this all sounds like something out of a comedy show :rofl:, but frankly, it’s getting frustrating. My latest attempt was a simple candle spell for a bit extra money. As of right now, I no longer even have the funds to pay my regular bills, and that NEVER happens. Until I did this spell :crazy_face:. I’m laughing, but that’s only because it’s that, or break down in tears. I would be eternally grateful for any and all suggestions to make this all stop. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Blessed Be, and Merry Part :purple_heart::green_heart:


I haven’t that experience of getting an opposite outcome. Sorry to read that. If there is any consolation to it, you do have the ability to make magic happened, but just going the other way, but it’s there though.

Try your hand with some spells here on Spells8, the ones here are excellent, could have a better time with them?

But again, I don’t know. Following this though, see if anyone has better experience with such.


@Oshenlynx Is there anything in your area that could cause an opposite outcome? Are you working with a mirror or close to one? Have you tried the uncrossing spell? or
The bad luck go away spell?
Maybe someone else will know more. Try the spells above if you haven’t yet. :wink: Good Luck in turning it around.


Oh, my Dearest girl. Go ahead and have your cry, make it a good one, with screaming and pillow beating. Expend the negative energy you may be holding onto.
Magick. Ya gotta love it.
Its’ amazing, annoying, illuminating & frustrating…Sounds like love, doesn’t it? Open yourself to positivity.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, as you inhale, pull positive energy into you (Joy, Pride, happiness, Serenity, interest, amusement, hope, inspiration, awe, & especially Love are positive.
As you Exhale release all negativity (Anger, Hate, Emptiness, Frustration, Inadequacy, Helplessness, Guilt, Loneliness, Depression, Resentment, Failure, these are negative emotions and you no longer need them.
Speak to the cosmos or the Deity you may have chosen. Ask for peace and positive energy. Meditate to cleanse your chakra. The root chakra if out of balance if so your sense of security and stability may be challenged.

Try looking at this video. Silverbear also has some great meditations.

I’m sending you positive energy
Love Garnet


I’m so sorry this is happening to you @Oshenlynx
A good place to start is by using an Uncrossing Spell and a Bad Luck Removal Spell suggested by @Sarafeena_Sage

I would also suggest using Protection Spells, and Cleansing Spells

Some of the things I do…

  • Witches Bells (Wind Chimes) - Clears negative energy outside your house
  • Marigolds - Grow protective plants
  • Sun Catchers (Prisms) in the widows
  • Burn white sage - Clears negative energy
  • Call upon your Deities for help

Hope this helps, be sure to let us know how it goes.

With Love :heart: & Magick :dizzy:


It looks like you have some excellent suggestions here! I just popped on to acknowledge your frustration and cheer you along!


Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions! I will try each and every one of them, and let you know how it goes. Blessed Be :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m sorry for the issues that you have been having. There are a number of great suggestions here to help. Here are a few other things you can look at as well.

  1. Have you researched the spells you are trying to cast prior to casting?
  2. While not everyone does this. Are you casting a circle before you practice your spellwork?
  3. Are you clearing and cleansing your mind and body prior to casting? Stress, illness, emotions, and more can affect our spell work.
  4. Are you providing tribute and such to the god and goddess as well as to your own gods?
  5. Check the alinement of your altar or workspace. Make sure you have your representation of elements, aligned with the compass. This can have drastic effects on spells when casting if the points are reversed.
  6. Have your candles, tools, crystals, and, such been cleaned properly
  7. Have you anointed and woken your candles prior to use?
  8. While not everyone does this are you looking at the days of the week and the hours that you are casting.
  9. Are you checking the moon phase prior to casting.
  10. Are you keeping faith in your spells even after casting? Thought like I hope it works, or doubts can cause spells to fail.

I have had this, I recognize it. Not anymore at this time but it happened in the past. And I believe it has to do with a deep down believe that you are not worthy of the luck and positive outcomes you visualize. So I think it’s important to work on that, like Garnet said ,

Wishing you lots of love :heart:


Merry Meet!
I have another quick question. I’ve done the Uncrossing spell, and I got a bit scared. The flame on the candle was 2-3 inches high!! I checked the wick and it was fine. The flame stayed that high for the entire length of the candle. To me, that means the poor candle was working overtime :blush:. My question, should I repeat the spell? Thank you all again. Merry Part :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Lady DennaRahl, Thank you for the checklist. It’s almost identical to the one that was drilled into my head as a novice :grin:. Yours has a couple extras items that I’m going to implement. Blessed be​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Tiss my pleasure. Sometimes simple mistakes or overlooks can change a spell no matter how simple. As witches, we can forget the most important part of spellcasting which is to take care of ourselves when life around us is stressful.


Greetings @Oshenlynx,

You’ve already got some fantastic advice here about possible reasons as well as ways to go about fixing the situation :blush: The only other suggestion I can think of is that, perhaps while you are casting the spell, are you are worrying too much about bad outcomes? Worrying about spell outcomes while casting can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

While it is natural to be hesitant (especially when beginning!) if you let your mind go beyond wondering and start to fixate on possible bad outcomes, even visualizing what could happen if the spell goes wrong, or strongly doubt yourself during the spell- then it is very likely those will happen/the spell will fail. Magick is a manifestation of our intentions- what you are focusing on is what you are casting.

As someone with anxiety, I know it can be really tough to calm the mind and set aside stress, worries, and fear. To overcome this, I’ve found that doing some peaceful grounding exercises and meditation before beginning can really help to collect focus in a positive way and gather self confidence :person_in_lotus_position:

The Meditation Roots Course has a great introduction lesson to Grounding- I recommend taking a listen and giving it a try! :sparkles:

Grounding Mindfulness

I would interpret a flame burning bright and strong as a good sign, and the Flickering Magick Pyromanyc Guide says something similar:

I don’t think you need to repeat the spell! :grinning:

Wishing you all the best, @Oshenlynx- Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


You have some wonderful suggestions and I’ve actually taken note of some I hadn’t thought of! Just wanted to wish you peace. I don’t know the situation, but I feel like I’ve had some of those experiences in the past. I definitely recommend what @Garnet suggested - cry if you need to! Get angry if you need to! Release all of that and use that fire to dig in and be stubborn about turning that situation around while being open to hear or feel for anything that might need to be done on your part as well. Speaking from experience, I sometimes get in the way of my own blessings!


@Oshenlynx coven sister, I have learned through my time here and beyond that the result to any spellwork or ritual is in your emotional state prior to performing the ritual. Clearing and cleansing are great ways to get rid of negative energy, ringing of a bell prior or in my case I take my heart chakra singing bowl and ring it around my house to clear any stagnant energy. Then I use sage, palo santo or any other incense that works on clearing energy and smoke up my house lol. I even have a smokeless smudging mist that I got a basic recipe from the Infinite Roots coven and developed my own blend of essential oils for it. I meditate prior and after each and every ritual. As others here can attest when I first joined I was always depleted of energy after a ritual but now I am not since adding in meditation daily (morning and evening) to my spiritual practice.

But the most important aspect is your emotional state. If you are angry, you could turn your ritual into a hex, curse, etc. If you are worried about lack of money, your money spells will backfire and as you have stated get the opposite result.

I just started working more with moon magick, angel magick, and candle magick: the results are phenomenal. My business has flourished and I can’t keep certain things in stock…

Also, have confidence in your abilities. We were created to do what we are learning to do with magick. It is our birthright!! Keep doing what you are doing and you will get the confidence. If the spells you are using are complex start with simple. I create my own spells and rituals that for me work wonderfully. And as someone said, use the simple spells here. Take all the video classes, they explain a lot in such a short amount of time. And most of all, practice, practice, practice!!

Much love coven sister and Blessed be!


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