Remove Obstacles in Your Way! 🙃

Occasionally in life obstacles will stand in our way. Sometimes, we can easily identify them and remove these obstacles through mundane actions.

Example: Removing ourselves from a negative situation. That is easy to do. However, some obstacles are not so easy to get rid of. Often, we don’t even realize the obstacles that are in our way, sometimes we even create our own obstacles with negative self-talk. Regardless of where the obstacles come from, the bottom line is, we want to remove them and sometimes we may need a little help!

For these, we can turn to Lord Ganesha, he is the Hindu Remover of Obstacles. Ganesha is also associated with the root chakra. He is the Lord of Good Fortune and the Destroyer of Obstacles. I have mentioned before I suffer from anxiety and panic (both of those conditions I consider obstacles) I had taken a yoga class local here in my town, and the owner had a giant statue of this “elephant” guy and I felt extremely drawn to him.

So, I had done some research and found this spell, which I will do later today! I am so excited!

In this spell, we will invoke his help and honor Ganesha.

Begin by casting your circle and calling the four quarters if that is your thing. You do not need to do this. I love doing this part as it helps me conjure up the “mood” and raises my vibe.

You will need:

1 Black candle

1 White candle

1 Cauldron

Paper and pen

A figure or image of Ganesha

Choose any combination of two herbs: Agrimony, Carob, Cayenne, Chamomile, Cloves, Dragon’s Blood, Eucalyptus, High John the Conqueror, Hyssop, Lemongrass, Pepper, or Sage.

These are all herbs associated with Ganesha and removing obstacles.

Write your wishes on a piece of paper. Light your candles and begin with the following phrase

" Om Gum Ganapatayei Namah ” - this is Sanskrit which translates to “salutations to the remover of obstacles.” (if you want to learn how to pronounce it check our Girish - Ganapati Meditation - YouTube )

Lord Ganesha join us here

We wish to see the path is clear

We ask your help on this day

To find out how to clear the way

Blend your herbs together in your cauldron. Place your paper with your wishes on it in your cauldron.

Light them and say

To our honored guest, we bring

Wishes our hearts seek to give wing

Join with us to create success

All desires Good Fortune express

Meditate while you visualize freeing yourself from your past and everything that blocks you. Visualize ALL those obstacles going away from you! Away from your body, mind and soul. Release all the strands of negativity that have bound those obstacles to you. When you are done, release your circle and the Quarters if you called upon them. Be sure to thank them.

This image is the altar at the Yoga studio. :heart_eyes:

This is what I use to call the Quarters I had found it online and loved it.

This is a very simple and straightforward set of words you can use. At the end of your ritual, you go back and thank each spirit and release them from your circle.

Welcome East, power of Air!

Intuition, knowledge and wisdom,

Come and send forth your inspiration,

And be here now.

Welcome South, power of Fire!

Energy, heat and flame,

Come and send forth your passion,

And be here now!

Welcome West, power of Water!

Emotions, love and courage,

Come and send forth your tranquility,

And be here now!

Welcome North, power of Earth!

Stability, structure, and growth

Come and send forth your strength,

And be here now!


Wow I love it! Very interesting approach to removing obstacles, and great invocations! :star_struck:

I didn’t know much about Ganesha so it’s great learning more about him! And the song in that video is very hypnotic!

What do you usually do with the ashes after burning something in your cauldron?


If it’s something like this…removing negative things, I toss them outside and visualize them being blow away from me. If it’s a positive thing…like I am manifesting GOOD stuff I save them and use them in my black salt recipe. :smiley:


Oh I so love this ritual. We need it a lot of the time, thank you so much for sharing it.

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