Representatives of the God and Goddess on your Altar

Hi All,

I have the luxury of being able to have both a inside and a outside alter.

What natural representation do you use for the God and Goddess on your Alters?

Im in Australia and i have a Banskia man for part of my God representation but im having a mind blank on what else to have.



Hi @Helqueen,

My connection with the divine has shifted over the years and I currently honor the Universe as a collective rather than the individual deities by Their names, so when I set up my altar space for rituals or meditation, the objects I place are as eclectic as I am (which is to say, very! :laughing:)

While I don’t use depictions for the God and Goddess in Their unique forms, I know that one common way to symbolize the Goddess is with the Triple Moon Symbol: :triple_moon_goddess: (two crescent moons around one full moon). This symbolizes Her in Her three aspects: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Sometimes a pentacle (:pentacle_tarot:) is placed within the full moon to symbolize all of the natural elements.

For more ideas, you might also broswe through the Triple Goddess Page- additional symbols for Her are explored there!

That’s awesome! I’m sure you’ll find the perfect representatives that suit your vision- wishing you all the best as you build your altars! :sparkles: :blush:

Blessed be!


Funnily enough a beach walk in a summer storm last night brought me hag stones and some amazing shells.

So its very much coming together.


In the past I have used a pine cone and a hag stone with a starfish for a pentacle.


There you go- those are wonderful additions to your altar! :sparkles: :blush:

That sounds really pretty- and so creative too! :pentacle_tarot:


I don’t have representations of the God and Goddess on my altar as it doesn’t fit my belief system, but I do have a representation of Brigid (when my altar is setup…lol) both of the representations are things I’ve made myself.

One is a Brigid’s Cross that I embroidered.

The other is a doll I crocheted as a representation of Brigid.