Rest Your Eyes 😌

Time to rest your eyes…it’s a quickie! Sometimes all you need is a quick eye rest and you’ll be back on track to having a great day!


When I first started meditating I could only do it with my eyes closed- keeping them open left the door, well, open for too many visual distractions :sweat_smile: But after years of meditating, now it’s the opposite- but for a whole different reason. Now if I try to meditate with my eyes closed at certain times of day (after a big meal or before bed) I’m out and fast asleep before I know it lol :joy:

You bring up some really great points here- relaxing meditations for destressing are extremely beneficial. No matter what works best for you, taking the time out of the day to meditate is always worth it :woman_in_lotus_position: :heart:

Thanks so much for sharing, @Silverbear! :sparkles:


I completely agree with you here!!!

@SilverBear thank you for the message and video!!


Thanks for watching! I close my eyes so many times during the day. For destressing reasons, PLUS…it helps my eyes on a physical level because I work on the computer ALL day…so ‘taking’ screen breaks is also helpful.


That’s important!!! I have a blue screen but I need to use it lol seriously!!
Unrelated question… Is your shop through Esty?


I use to be on Etsy. But it’s on my actual website now. I have my own shop! :smiley: