Return to sender spell

I found out that someone was trying to scam me out of some money. So I did the return to sender spell and asked for him to receive a fair share of whatever karma he was giving out. After I did the spell I did a 4 card reading to ask if my spell would be successful and stop him from hurting me and stop him from hurting others in the same way. The cards I pulled were Judgement (R) which I took to mean that he would be feeling weakness, a lack of courage to continue on his path and that the universe had this and would pass sentence
The 2nd card was Justice… I took it to mean that the universe would be equitable and right in judgement
the 3rd card was Death … I took it to mean that his scamming days are now over
the 4th card was The Emperor (R) meaning that he would be stopped but the justice would be tempered with compassion.

Any thoughts and Ideas on this? I just wanted him stopped before someone else that couldn’t see what he was doing got really hurt.


I think your card reading confirmed your spell will come to fruition. I am glad you could see what he was doing before hand. Hopefully, he will not scam anyone else.


I’m glad that you turned to this spell instead of other possibilities! It looks like your intentions are already sent out to the universe and is working! May it continue to show him his karma and to stop scamming innocent people!


I agree with your interpretation of the cards. They all seem to point in the same direction and that is that this person is reaping whatever they sow.

To me, the Emperor is the card that stands out the most… I interpret it as the victory of logic over emotion. I think you analyzed the situation and did a return to sender spell instead of something more drastic which was a great choice.


I will admit that before I embraced my spiritual side I would have wanted revenge but now I am fully content to let the universe handle its business.


I’ve always considered Return to Sender spells to be primarily a form of protection- by casting this spell, you protected yourself and put the decision for any possible karmic retribution in the hands of the universe.

I agree with others about the cards- it looks like your deck confirmed that your spellwork was successful, and that the scammer will get what he deserves :+1: . All without having to cast harmful magick or taking on the burden of revenge. This sounds like a best-case scenario to me- good job, @SharonD! :raised_hands: :heart:


Sounds like you did a great job to me!