Reversed Temperance as a Strength/Positive/Advantage?

Hello all! I hope every has/had a wonderful Full Moon.

I was doing a reading today and pulled the reversed temperance in the Strength position (Strengths/Weaknesses/Advice spread). I’m struggling to find the positive or strength in the reversed card. Anyone have any suggestions?

If it matters, I pulled Strength in the Weakness position (I’m not missing the irony there) and the 7 of Cups in the Advice position.

Edit to correct that Strength was pulled in the Weakness position, not the strength.


I’m a bit confused, sorry! Are you saying you pulled Temperance for the weakness or strength position?

If you pulled Temperance Reversed as a Strength, I’d say it could be one of two things. Either it’s saying you have the ability to manage imbalances well, not getting knocked off your feet when things shift. Or it could be that an imbalance is coming and whatever change happens, the shift will be necessary to restore balance in a different way.

I think Temperance Reversed can also be about inner healing and transformations, especially when we start thinking about the balance within ourselves. So if Temperance upright is the outer balance, then Temperance reversed is the inner balance.


Oh gosh! I totally wrote that wrong, lol. Reversed temperance was the strength and strength was the weakness.

Thank for your input. Based on my weekly spread yesterday, I’m inclined to agree with the inner balance. That spread was telling me to re-examine my beliefs/thoughts and being my life in alignment with what I believe.


Okay, that’s what I thought but I didn’t want to assume :sweat_smile:

I think inner balance is a great message to get in almost any situation! I’ve gotten that one quite a lot in the past, mostly last year when I was also trying to figure out where my actions and my values aligned and where they differed. :pray: I’m glad I was able to help!


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