Reversible spell help

Do anyone have a good spell I can purchase I keep getting harassed with text messages and at first I would respond back but now I’m gonna ignore but I want this childish female to leave me the hell alone she keeps telling me she is manifesting bad stuff to happen to me all because she wants my boyfriend . What should I do? Any advice….


Merry Meet!

First let me tell share my ideals in this type of situation.

Try to save all text messages - transfer them to your e-mail for ease of printing out as evidence for use at a possible later date for legal purposes to show a pattern or a culprit for any potentially illegal acts.

As for her harassing you, remember the rule of three and the wiccan reed, it will all come back to her x 3 (meaning worse) aka Karma.

While this will not resolve the matter of your peace of mind, it might be of benefit to address this with your SO. There is a reason for this happening. Perhaps he is being unfaithful with her which is why she is manifesting her frustration on you. He needs to be the one to tell her to stop the texts. When discussing this matter with him, ALWAYS use “I” statements such as 'this make me feel threatened (or whatever is causing you to feel) and then ask him his intentions of your relationship and how he feels about her and what she is doing.

Should you not get a response, you will need to look deep into your self to determine how you want to proceed. Is he really worth this aggravation if he can’t tell you how he feels? Be patient and listen to what he is saying and especially to what is not being stated. Body language also plays a big part of the silence. So pay attention.

It is a matter of ethics as to whether a spell be cast to bind this person. No matter how trying, for me, it is not worth the hassle, You are better than this and a goddess, not the bitter person she is. Do not let her bring you to her level.

Remember - a true wiccan does not intend or invoke harm or control over others.


You got that right and I thank you so much for your advice


Baby, try a reversal spell, i.e.: ‘What you sent to me now returns to thee.’
Type of spell.


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