Ritual Instinct

I have been read about strange habits humans have, like test clicking kitchen tongs. And I had a sudden realization. I believe the reason why is that humans have been doing thing ritually for so long that part of our brain needs to have rituals. Just an interesting thought.


I think you’re right about this, Torista! Whether they are conscious things we do, or small actions we take without a second thought, I think there is something really comforting and even healing about having rituals :pray::blush:

I suppose I should clarify that this isn’t glorifying something like OCD where habits can prevent someone from doing daily tasks or get in the way of daily life, but rather appreciating the nature of harmless, simple rituals that become part of our day and even our existence :person_standing::sparkles:

Having these little rituals and habits can be important and sacred in their own way.

A very interesting thought! Thank you for sharing it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love this idea! I work with a lot of young kids with autism and at a conference I attended several years ago, the presenter was talking about how all humans are ritualistic in nature to some degree…. Like I always turn my volume on my phone up every night even though I know my alarm will go off if the volume is down! You are probably right though! It’s just part of our nature!


I think this is definitely an interesting thing to think about. Many of us, especially those that are neurodivergent, thrive on rituals and routine. Now, I don’t know about clicking the kitchen tongs being connected to neurodivergence :laughing: but it’s something that many of us do or have done.

I personally thrive on rituals myself, or a good routine at least. When it goes awry, becomes chaotic, or even unpredictable I get very overwhelmed and frustrated.