Rituals and Spells - similar or different?

My Pinterest was started so long ago & things got added & removed so many times. Then I at some point attempted organizing but somehwere in there wound up blindly adding some random things… or even possibly accidentally from the app because they aren’t things I’ve ever practiced or been drawn too… the disorganization is REAL on that right now :rofl:


I totally get that :joy: one day I’ll go organize it - the same way I should organize my Notion - but I have zero space for that in my life right now :joy: so I’ll just keep adding random things to it!


Oh you’re singing the song of my people :rofl:


So last night I finally got all my witchy books, articles, pictures, and downloads de-duplicated (it’s a new word, honest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) and organized into file folders on my laptop. I figured I couldn’t get my Notion grimoire or my print one organized if I had no idea of what I did and did not have. So Step 1 - Organize. Done. On to Step 3 - Profit… no wait… that’s not right :wink:


That’s a pretty big achievement! Congratulations. :black_heart: Treat yourself to enough ice cream to negate a week’s worth of runs. :joy: I mean… Keep working on it! :grin:


Thank you! I was pretty chuffed myself last night in addition to having a headache from concentrating on the screen for so long.

Honestly, it’s sooooo hard on my long run days like today when I run 10 miles or more, to not eat everything bad in the world :rofl: I’m trying hard to make a conscious effort to think of non-food rewards but it’s hard when there’s :doughnut: and goldfish crackers and pizza :pizza: :laughing:


Oh wow! :star_struck: That really is something to be proud of & well deserving of a Step 2: Break… then 3 then 4 Profit… :laughing:

I have to do the same especially with de-duplicating (I like this new word :laughing:)


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