Road Work Ahead

Recently I came across a quote that has been occupying space in my mind since…and today it really rings true. We all go through things in our lives, react to our own personal battles maybe not in the most comfortable ways for others, those who are genuine stick around and find not only respect for the shadowed area we put them in at the current time but also know it’s not about them. It can’t always be expected that we adjust our feelings, our experiences, our mental/emotional struggles to fit those around us. If I’m having issues, I try to let those around me, those invested in my friendship/relationships that I’m just going through something and I may not be as responsive or talkative, I give them that respect of making them aware like a “road work ahead” sign on our travels. Those who take offense or flip someone else’s struggles to be about them, how this situation pains them or what have you instead of just stepping back and giving that “friend” the space they need… Those are the ones that leave you questioning if they ever really cared or were invested at all. We shouldn’t have to fit a mold that others need us to fill, true friendships/relationships create the mold that accommodates each person.
It’s sad but this quote is reality…

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Thank you for sharing this one.


I love this!! It rings true for an old friend/neighbor!! I don’t need their negative energy bringing me down anymore!!


Youre right, it is sad. Especially when i think of some of those people, and how things might have been different. Still, the idea of an expiration date is useful. Like when I bought some mushrooms, got busy and didn’t eat them. Eventually, I had to throw them away. You wouldn’t eat expired food, and sometimes as painful as it is, we have we have to treat people the same way. Wistfully, regretably, but nonetheless.