Rocks in my Pocket

Just a funny observation:
When I was little, I always had found rocks in my pocket, much to the chagrin of my mother and our washing machine.
I still usually have rocks in my pocket, but now I know why. Rocks and stones and crystals make me happy, and make my life a better place.
-says the green kitchen witch who loves stones of all kinds


I used to carry rocks and display them in my room. Now I do the same thing with all kinds of rocks and crystals. I think it’s probably more common than you might think! It is so cool that they make you feel happy! I’m just now starting to learn more about them and honestly I am finding that I love them!


I hear you! I have jars of them, lol! And I still often keep one in my pocket. It used to make my dad smile, how often I’d constantly collect rocks when I was younger.


I love rocks too. My son however, is over the moon about them. we have three geologist friends and they are constantly brinigng rocks and having discussion la with him about the rocks.


Same here! My daughter got into it at a young age, too, and we just got her a rock tumbler for Christmas to explore them more :slight_smile:


Me too! I keep crystals in my bra - usually one in each boob :rofl: (left side for energies I want to absorb, right side for energies I want to project) not so much recently because I was breastfeeding, but generally speaking I pick two crystals each day to carry with me in my bra - obviously the smaller types!

My older daughter also loves crystals and stones, she has a ton of crystals and is forever collecting stones. My Dad once got her a fossil set, where you bang the stone and theres an ammonite inside, she loved it but it was a struggle having to explain to her that we cant bash every stone open and find an ammonite :sweat_smile:


I have a family of rock hounds. It’s probably my fault. I love rocks and gems and crystals. We have them everywhere… we have inside rocks and outside rocks and pocket rocks…

My sweet husband just humors us. Not too long ago, he found a piece of quartz in the fridge. He just moved it out of his way and announced to “whoever put the rock in the fridge” that he’d moved it to another shelf.

Apparently my youngest was trying to make the crystal ice…


I currently live in the outskirts of town in a lovely apartment building. The building itself is made of brick which I love. The grounds surrounding the building have all sorts of rocks instead of grass. (Probably to keep from having to mow.)

I adore the rocks.


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