Rolling spell candles

I’m new to making spell candles, and I’m just wondering if anyone has any tips to roll beeswax candles…is there a certain temp it should be after pouring a sheet of wax? Is there a better thickness, less or more, to pour when making the sheet of wax? Is it better to roll a few min after pouring the sheet of wax or should I wait longer? Lastly, how do you roll using the honeycomb print without it all crumbling? I’ve tried making a sheet of wax with one of the sides smooth and the other with the print.

Here is a photo of the ones I’ve managed to roll but they took me FOREVER and they aren’t very pretty. I plan to dress them and sprinkle on some flowers/herbs….any tips would help tremendously!

Here is another photo with a purple spell candle I bought online.


I have never done this but if I had to guess applying some warmth and slowly rolling them. Or not allowing them to dry completely before rolling them? Again this is an educated guess.


Ok, thank you :slight_smile: I might try using a hairdryer


Oh here this guy has some tips. Not sure if it’s useful?


I always use YouTube I pay monthly to not deal with commercials


First off, Merry meet, @scarlet !

I am way too new with candlemaking to have any answers for you. Rolling my own might be something I look info in the future. That being said, I looked to see if I could find another helpful video in addition to the one Devenne shared.

We’re glad to have you here. :purple_heart: Make yourself comfortable, explore, and feel free to ask questions!

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Yeah follow @Artemisia welcome to the coven @scarlet . My name is Devenne I’m a chaos witch from Indiana feel free to jump :kangaroo: in

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Merry meet scarlet! I am Celine I am an electic witch from Portland Oregon. I work with Bridgit, Hades, and Baba yaga in my practice. I haven’t made candles since I was in grade school. So i am not helpful but it looks likea few folks have sent you some tips. I just wanted to say hi.


Thanks for the YouTube link!


Rolling pin and water, can’t believe how much more flexible the wax sheets are!


I @scarlet welcome to the forum my names Crystal a Bruja from va I was inspired by @Ostara to roll my own honeycomb candles she made a beautiful pink honeycomb candle for the anointing candle weekly witchy challenge so I bought my own honeycomb wax sheets already cooled and separated from Amazon and then just rolled them with the wick and used cookie cutter shapes that came with the kit to cut out shapes and place them on the candle. I hope you find what your looking for here and make yourself at home. :purple_spell_candle: :purple_heart: :magic_shield: :silver_heart:


Hello and welcome to the coven. I’m Tracy from England Loki is my patron deity. Make yourself at home :sparkling_heart:


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Hello @scarlet - welcome! :heart:

I think your candles are already lovely and they’re going to be great in your spellwork - beeswax burns so cleanly and brightly! It’s my favorite type of candle.

I’ve made candles from beeswax, but only the type that is poured - I’ve done glass jars and silicone molds. I haven’t tried dipping or rolling types before, but these rolled ones look like fun to make! :blush:

It looks like you’ve already got some great tips and resources to help with the rolling, so just chiming in to say welcome and wish you all the best. Keep on having fun with your crafting! :candle:

Blessed be!


Ah! I love rolling beeswax candles! I even have beeswax I ordered upstairs and haven’t gotten to… maybe that’s a today project! I cheat, though, and buy the sheets already made. I hadn’t actually thought about making my own sheets… which would probably be cheaper.

The first thing to know is that the candles you make are not going to look like the ones you buy that are made by a machine. Don’t try to compare them or you’ll always be disappointed.

Second, the wax needs to be just a bit above room temerpature, soft, but not melty. One of my friends told me the best way she warms wax is to put a hunk in her bra for a little while. Obviously, that doesn’t help with sheets… but maybe that helps with the temperature part?

I can’t wait to see your beautiful candles! I don’t think they have to be perfect or beautiful to work… functional and full of intention is best!


I was amazed as well! It makes me wonder if I should start looking into making candles that way sooner rather than later :thinking:


Hi, @scarlet! I have no clue about making candles. I just wanted to welcome you to the forum! Glad to have you here!