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Rosemary is an extremely common herb in witchcraft spaces. You will often see it recommended as a substitute for any herb, though I think that’s a stretch of its associations. I think that is attributed to Scott Cunningham in one of his books about herbs or witchcraft, though I can’t remember which. The information here, though short and sweet, comes directly from my own notes on Rosemary. I tend to work with Rosemary quite a bit. I have a small plant growing in my garden and I dry it myself when I need to add more to my herb storage. It’s a wonderful herb to have on hand and grow a working relationship with.

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I love rosemary! It smells like heaven and added to marinades and roasts makes beef taste amazing and magical :wink: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I rub Rosemary essential oil on my belly. I can smell it throughout the day!!:black_heart:


Rosemary is a very universal herb- so much goodness packed into one lovely little plant! :herb: :blush: Thanks so much for your exploration of Rosemary, @MeganB! :heart:


@christine13 I wish I could actually cook with it more often lol it isn’t a big hit in my family

@LissaMay222 oh cool! Is there a specific reason why you do that?

@TheTravelWitch_Bry it’s one of my many favorites!


@MeganB There isn’t a reason. A lot of times I put oils on bottoms of feet because they say the feet have the largest pores and can be most effective there. I’ve been an oily gal for a while now…I reckon I like the smell closer to my nose? If I’m using Clary sage for my menstrual issues, I apply on belly AND feet. :black_heart:


Oh, interesting! Maybe one day I’ll give it a try lol