Rules in Witchcraft?

Please note that this is my own personal opinion. I am in no way, shape or form “dictating” how anyone should practice. Nor am I “gatekeeping” - I am stating my own personal opinion of a practice that I consider sacred. Take what resonates leave behind what doesn’t; it’s as simple as that. :slightly_smiling_face:


@SilverBear I have to agree with most of what you said. Plus the younger witches? They play at being the real deal and do not take responsibility for their actions. The impact on those around them and the 3 fold law are just poo poo.
We’ve been very lucky here. The new members are earnest and hungry to learn. There, as you say, aren’t many rules but we all know right and wrong. And it’s my opinion that as you start your journey, you set certain ethics as firm, unbreakable. At the same time, depending on the subject, ethic’s can be bent but not broken. Like Magick itself, values like ethics are convoluted.
There are times that the convolution makes me want to tear my hair out. Then I stop, take a deep breath and while thinking it out, the truth of it comes to me, or at least my truth.
Much love and kindness


@SilverBear yesssssssssssss u are spot on love. What many dont understand is yes there are rules. Just like in everything rules exist or there would be complete anarchy. Even in satanism there are rules. U cant just do what u want when u want, even as the leader or u will be overthrown. Same with magik. Magik is a gift from the Gods or if u prefer the Universe. Either way its a gift and if one misues that gift it can and will be taken away. Ive seen it happen.

Even dark witches dont just do what they want whenever they please. They have rules. And they are strict.


Yes!! If something peeks my interest, I drive into research before attempting it. I gives me appreciation for where it has come from and am understanding of what is being done, and consequences if there are any. I’ve seen things on the :alarm_clock: app that makes even me as a fairly new practitioner to the Craft question the poster and their practice.

I have two rules on my practice: (1) Don’t harm another; and (2) Never stop learning.

Thank you for sharing!


I typically go by those two rules as well – however, I won’t purposely go out of my way to harm another – but I will not idly stand by and allow harm to come to me either. #spiritualselfdefence lol


Oh same! I don’t actively attack people but will set “traps” where if someone has ill will towards me or mine (family, friends, property) they will quickly regret it. I have yet to have someone actively target me so I haven’t had to do a return to sender or similar but am prepared to if needed.


I totally agree with this! Rules are important! Rules, sometimes, are flexible. I love the phrase “serious spiritual journey”; this is exactly how I feel. I am on a serious spiritual journey and I want to do it right and do it well! Having rules, following them, and finding success makes the practice more meaningful!


Lol. I love u. U set traps. I love that. I havent set traps. Maybe i should.

I dont go out and seek harm or trouble. But if someone comes after me or mine, i will bring all of the fury of the Underworld to my aid. So they better watch out. And i have been targeted. And oh yes i might be little but watch out. He he he he


I don’t set traps but I’m not afraid to use ‘Return to sender’ spells.


An unethical person will not be ethical merely because they practice witchcraft. I am not ethical because I practice. I am ethical as a person, and I bring that to my practice.

I don’t “speak” languages, I study them. For me witchcraft is as much a study as it is a practice. John Beckett refers to “gimme goddess culture,” in which people are all about manifesting and getting things from goddesses without engaging in actual practice.

I see the “rules” as being loose guidelines rather than firm edges. There is flexibility. But to really be ethical and be worthy of the title of Witch, I believe one must embrace the totality of witchcraft, at least enough to be aware that it exists outside of Tiktok and Pinterest and that it is more than a game of “I wish.” Otherwise, you’re just a dabbler.

Sorry if that sounds judgy. But not really that sorry.


Ron, Did I sound bad? If so, I apologize.
I tried to say what you did, except you said it better. Rules are Guidelines Your ethics are just that, yours. When anywhere in life you are confronted by a dilemma. hopefully your ethics are set. There are moments when I chafe under the rules because they don’t agree with my ethics. Choices have to be considered and made. .human I’m not perfect nor ever claimed to be So, in the frailty of being I often err in judgement. Thanks Ron, always appreciate you.

Blessed Be


I couldn’t have said it better! Each person has their “rules” that they follow based on their ethics, or lack thereof. I never expect anything from my gods and goddesses. I ask for their assistance and give them offerings. If they choose to assist me, that’s up to them - they have free will. It won’t affect my faith in them in either way. I know ultimately it comes down to me to take the actions necessary.


@Amaris_Bane ,
Well said my girl, well said. I’ve often felt selfish asking the Goddess/Gods for anything because, well I may want a lot of things. But do I need them.
Always good to hear from you .


Thank you for sharing this, it’s a great topic with many shades of gray… it’s not black and white! So here’s my 2 cents…

I have gone through stages in my life, as everyone else does as well. One of the first things I learned was self-protection and surrounding myself with white light. Whenever I was worried about something I would place it in the white light and it always seemed to work itself out… problem solved.

Later I learned how to have that white light become reflective and send anything negative back to whence it came. Then I learned how to transmute the bad energy into good and send it back as love.

As a healer, I send healing For the highest good and the best possible outcome for all those involved. I also send healing to the earth and all life on earth. I am kind and share my love with all the people I meet. It’s hard for me to even kill bugs and then I’m so sad when I do.

OMG :rofl: I think I need help seriously, crazy here… just sayin!!! :laughing:

I’ve only done one spell for manifestation, which was here on Spells 8! Yes, I manifested extra money, then I received a bill for something to spend it on…

In my prayers, I’m praying for healing or sending healing to others, but I don’t ask for things. That seems selfish to me!

… And so often that Christian upbringing comes up in my magickal workings.

And I’ll end with a few of my rules:

  1. Do No Harm
  2. Always Ask Questions
  3. Never Stop Learning

With rules and ethics and love always,


No, no, dearest Garnet, I was just expressing my own view! I wasn’t judging you, i was being judgy of people who think they can watch a couple of youtube videos and that makes them a witch. I think it is necessary to read, meditate, and practice. I think we need to act in service of nature and magic, or in service of your deity. It is not all gimme-gimme. Whatever your ethics are, have some. Recognize that hurting others unnecessarily is wrong.

And in any case, I have the utmost respect for you and your views!