Sabbats in the Southern Hemisphere

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@mikayla This is absolutely awesome work and I’m proud to download this and enjoy it. This is the most inclusive group I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. Thanks again for beautiful work and thinking of the Southern Hemisphere practitioners. I call SH magickal people lefties as we cast our circles to the left or sunwise here.


Lefty… it makes sense never thought of it that way… Talking of lefty i am actually a lefty both location and hand wise lol


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Yes! I will add that bit to the Southern Hemisphere resources post!


Yeah I didn’t know about sunwise casting till I saw this post. And then K did my own research into it and found this:

Pretty cool. I’ll keep that in mind in all my rituals now.



I also did not know this and will read on to find out what i have been missing in my practice :slightly_smiling_face:


@TheMuslimWitch Just want to share my experience with aligning with nature and her seasonal energy no matter where you are by journalling for a year. I made a laminated card of the following prompts and placed it as a book mark in my journal and each month or perhaps more often I would answer the questions on the card in the journal. By the time the year is over you have a beautiful record of all your own correspondences and everything you need to formulate your own sabbats and esbats. Here are the prompts:
• Explain how the weather has been over the last month?
• Has it been raining, dry, windy, gusty, calm, stormy, cold, humid, hot, changeable, cloudy or clear?
• How has the weather made you feel this month? Was this feeling different from last month and could that be related to the weather?
• Have you felt restless, joyous, lethargic, hot and bothered, rejuvenated, sad or maybe even happy?
• Is this your favourite or least favourite time of year? Why?
• What colour have the sunsets been? What does this tell you about the weather?
• Are the days getting longer or shorter?
• Are the nights getting cooler or warmer?
• How are the birds behaving this month?
• Are they noisy, quiet, hidden, playful, waking early?
• How are the insects and ants reacting this month?
• Are they mobile and out in force or nowhere to be seen?
• What have you noticed about the local plant life?
• Are the plants and trees looking healthy, sad, dry, green, vibrant, growing, dormant, writing, budding, in flower, shedding leaves?
• How is the grass growing in your lawn?
• Do you need to cut it more or less often?
• Is it starved of water, green and luscious, harbouring beetles, full of weeds, healthy, suffering?
• How have your pets behaved lately? Do they change behaviour with the seasons?